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But How Do We Tell?

Good guys with guns stopping bag guys with guns.  That's what we're supposed to believe when it comes to the Guns-Fer-All approach that ammosexuals are always trying to put over on us.

Maybe not so much - from an AP wire story via TPM:
A Border Patrol agent pursuing a group of immigrants in a wooded area near the Texas-Mexico border on Friday fired several shots at an armed man who later identified himself as a militia member.--and--
An unknown number of militia members have come to the Texas border following a surge in illegal immigration this summer.But Lucio said, "We really don't need the militia here." He recognized they have the right to carry weapons, but noted that with the Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement, there are enough agencies working to secure the border. Gov. Rick Perry also called as many as 1,000 National Guard members to the border.--and--
"It just creates a problem from my point of view, because we …

Is It Really You, Grandpa?

This is just too weird.  Here's a letter sent to the OpEd page for one of the newspapers in Pueblo Colorado some time in about 1973 - written by my grandfather:

The old duffer's been dead for about 40 years, but reading this makes me think he must've been way ahead of his time cuz he sure sounds like about 80% of the wingnut trolls who show up and leave comments on news sites and Facebook and anywhere you go to try to get something resembling the straight dope on practically anything.

Or maybe he sounds kinda current because a certain mentality just never fucking changes.

If Google Was A Guy #3

Racist Lite

All the stoopid of your regular dumb-fuck bigotry, but with a third fewer IQ points and practically no self-awareness at all.

hat tip = Crooks and Liars

Run It Like A Business

Pre-School may be a slightly different animal, but I think the main point is the same - privatization of any kind of schooling takes the last tiny bit of democracy out of the equation.

Flowery mission statements notwithstanding, if you take a top-down authoritarian thing like a church and mix it up with another top-down authoritarian thing like a business, and then smash-fit it around a school, what you get is:  "Give us your money and either shut the fuck up or get the fuck out".

Via HuffPo:
One Florida mother's Facebook status didn't go over so well with her son's preschool.
Mother Ashley Habat recently complained on Facebook after the Sonshine Christian Academy didn't give enough notice about picture day. Even though Habat said her Facebook post was private, she still tagged the school, and the next day she was reportedly told by school administrators that the school would not be a good fit for her son, according to Jacksonville, Florida outlet WJXT-TV.
In t…

The Milk Carton Kids

In concert in Columbus Ohio from late last year(?)

The Milk Carton Kids perform at the Lincoln Theatre, as seen on the DVD "Live From Lincoln Theatre," available now.

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Intro - 00:00:00
Hope of a Lifetime - 00:01:40
The Ash & Clay - 00:05:47
Honey, Honey - 00:10:13
Years Gone By - 0:13:55
Charlie - 00:20:27
Maybe It's Time - 00:24:10
Girls, Gather 'Round - 00:30:14
Michigan - 00:35:37
Snake Eyes - 00:48:47
Heaven -

Today's Quote

"We give the President more work than a man can do, more responsibility than a man should take, more pressure than a man can bear.  We abuse him often and rarely praise him.  We wear him out, use him up, eat him up.  And with all this, Americans have a love for the President that goes beyond loyalty or party nationality; he is ours, and we exercise the right to destroy him." --John Steinbeck

Today's Officer Friendly

hat tip = Addicting Info

Lemme make it real plain - I'm pretty sure the 2nd cop had absolutely no fuckin' business threatening to shoot that guy.

I don't know the whole deal here, but it looks a lot like these cops have a big problem with attitude - their own at least as much as that coming from the young studs being hassled.

And go ahead and argue all you want about how these kids should've been smarter and more respectful and less asshole-teenager-y, but there's no law against being stupid, which BTW is also a fortunate thing for the officers, but it seems to break pretty large in favor of the cops a lot more often than the other way.

The main thing for me is that we're going to get nowhere trying to preach the benefits of being politely submissive to too many black kids who're trying to grow up under the enormous, and often conflicting, pressures they're subjected to pretty much every day of their lives.

What do we expect will happen when the messag…

Lee Camp - Redacted Tonite

Yeah, OK - it's Russia TV, so many grains of salt must be taken.  But sometimes, truth is found in unlikely places.  At about the 6:20 mark, Camp gets into one of the big problems with the News As Profit Center thing that's making it harder and harder to know what's real.

He needs a better producer - one who can get him a lot of good writing help - but while this isn't yet as good as his Moment Of Clarity stuff on YouTube, he's making some decent progress.

Logical Fallacy #24 - Middle Ground

This is the big one, kids.  We get this one every day in every way.  This is what gives us the bullshit of "Both Sides" that we see and hear from the Press Poodles all the time.
It doesn't mean nobody should ever compromise on anything.  It just means that some things are in fact black or white, right or wrong, up or down, true or false.  And we have to be well-informed enough to be able to spot the Fallacy when it pops up.

Argument to moderation (Latin: argumentum ad temperantiam; also known as [argument from] middle ground, false compromise, gray fallacy and the golden mean fallacy)[1] is an informal fallacy which asserts that the truth can be found as a compromise between two opposite positions. This fallacy's opposite is the false dilemma

An individual operating within the false compromise fallacy believes that the positions being considered represent extremes of a continuum of opinions, and that such extremes are always wrong, and the middle ground is always corr…

Smelt It, Dealt It

Today's Lovable Rube

The ice bucket challenge - redneck style.

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Thoughts On The Side

“It is very tempting to take the side of the perpetrator. All the perpetrator asks is that the bystander do nothing. He appeals to the universal desire to see, hear, and speak no evil. The victim, on the contrary, asks the bystander to share the burden of pain. The victim demands action, engagement, and remembering.” --Judith Herman, MD - Trauma and Recovery Mike Brown gets buried in more ways than one.
We jump up and down on it for a while, but then somebody blows up a building or there's a bus crash or another jack-wad celebrity gets caught nanny-humping, and suddenly we're heading back for the group rate on self-lobotomy at the National Center For Social Amnesia.
Maybe we can get some things done that need to get done in places like Ferguson once some of the glare fades away, but don't count on it.  
If it turns out that Holder and his merry band of FBI careerists find anything that substantively exonerates Darren Wilson, we're right back in some very deep shit.

You First, Lady

hat tip(s) = Crooks & Liars

Andrea Tantaros wants to lead the parade of Awesomely Slaughter-'Em-All American Exceptionality into northern Iraq to make ISIS respect us for goin' in there and mowin' 'em down.

No wait - she wants you to lead the wait - she wants your kids...wait...she says it's disgraceful that "we" aren't over there lighting them up, while she sits in a very comfortable TV studio being all 35-ish, and holding a college diploma, and looking for all the world to be in pretty good shape, and so she's obviously the near-perfect candidate for enlistment in the US Military branch of her choice, and with her eagerness and her Gung Ho fighting spirit, I'm pretty sure she could take a few good men over there and clean out every snake in the nest in a blaze of Sgt Rock-level glory that'd give Audie Murphy self esteem issues.

So, no, she doesn't want any of that really.  She's there (ostensibly) to sell Reverse…

Monday Music

Stand By Me (cover) --John Lennon

Albatross --Fleetwood Mac

Hurt (cover) --Johnny Cash

Tell Me Why --Neil Young

Waiting On The World To Change --John Mayer

Violin --Amos Lee

Sad Eyes --Maria Muldaur

Would The Real Media Bias Please Stand Up

From the Twitter thing called #iftheygunnedmedown, asking which picture would the Press Poodles use to tell the story:

Now then - what do we usually see when the Librul Press tells us about what's goin' on?

WHITE SUSPECT That's how the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal chose to present the story of Amy Bishop, a former college professor who eventually pleaded guilty to killing three colleagues and wounding three others at a faculty meeting in 2010.