Saturday, November 28, 2015

Today's Latenite

Seth Myers has lost quite a bit of his sparkle in the last several months - almost like he's gone full Leno, insisting on staying safely within the No-Offense Parameters of a numbers-driven management team trying to scrub the content of anything that veers too far from the path of never saying anything "controversial", which of course ends up meaning that almost nothing making it onto the air is actually funny anymore.

Or so it seemed, but then this:

Now, none of that was knee-slappin' pig-snortin' hi-larious, but it also wasn't the usual bleached out bloodless pap we get on network TV so goddamned always. It wasn't presented in that bullshit passive-voice that keeps us thinking these dipwad Trumpkins are simply expressing an alternate viewpoint, inviting the inference that it's just as valid as any other, and we should all shut up and wait for our opportunity to give their advertisers a big sloppy blowjob at the next commercial break - cuz that's all we're good for anyway.

Fuck those guys.  And good on you, Seth.  Don't stop.

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