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FCC spokes-critter answers the public outcry:

Sorry For The Delay

...but we were waiting for confirmation.

Here's another live shot of the skies over Alabama yesterday.

The Web

Ajit Pai is a lyin' sack of shit.  Net Neutrality is the deregulated internet. This jackass wants to deliver it into the hands of privateers and rent-seekers.

First - fuck you, Mr Pai. The web is absolutely vital to people who are just trying to get on in their everyday lives. (eg) It's nearly impossible now to apply for a job without internet access. Killing Net Neutrality translates into people having to pay for the privilege of looking for a job. Obviously, there's a cost to it now, but your "deregulation" opens it up to massive potential for abuse.

How do we know this "Plan To Restore Internet Freedom" is bogus? The name. When these assholes are selling something that's aimed at fucking us with our pants on, they give it a name that's exactly the opposite of what happens if they put it into practice.

The Clear Skies Act: allowed for massive increases in air pollutants.

The Clean Water Act: raised the allowable amounts of things like arsenic in d…

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The ones who show up get to make the decisions.

So show up or shut up.

Today we all saw it.
Elimination from the Rolls
And what happened

We showed up in numbers and won.

Can we do this?
Damn right

Will we do this?

Voter Registration Drives need to be Starting.

Let's take it back! — MikeFarb (@mikefarb1) December 13, 2017

Turnout was not all that great, but it looks like Dems - especially WOC - made the difference.

Way To Go 'Bama

Looks like Doug Jones has pulled it off.

Alabama's Secretary of State is a guy named John Merrill. Mr Merrill goes to observe elections in Russia, and pronounces them 'free and fair'.

What the fuck is it with these assholes and Russia!?!

Anyway, the in-person voting was solid enough to make the absentees not such a big deal, but let's not forget or underestimate the GOP's capacity for rat-fucking.

It's Late

...but I'm hoping against hope that Doug Jones pulls it off.

Cuz too many of these fuckin' goobers really are just that stoopid.

Today's Political Maxim

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity - but don't rule out malice."
--Robert Heinlein (paraphrasing Hanlon's Razor)

Way Way Out

I had to get this one up because it warrants preserving for the historical record:

It would seem there's nothing negative that these knuckleheads won't co-opt, and then double down on. And since they can't be that tone deaf - because NOBODY'S that tone deaf - there has to be a method to their madness. 
So Occam's Razor requires us to consider the probability that "Whatever Makes A Liberal Mad Enough To Cry" is being pushed hard towards the Logical Extreme.

People With Living Thinking Brains: "That's gotta be as bad as it gets - they can't go any lower than that."

GOP: "Hold my beer, Cletus, and watch this."

Sing It, Bubba

Randy Rainbow

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When Roy Moore wins tomorrow:

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But knowing what we know - what we've heard 45* say out loud and on record - even allowing for the total bluster of a guy who so rarely tells the truth about any-goddamned-thing at all - how hard is it to believe what this woman is telling us?

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"Hello - how are you today?"

WATCH, SHARE, and stay until the very end where Roy Moore starts speaking Russian fluently after praising Putin.
Then, watch again, share again, and repeat. — Adam Parkhomenko (@AdamParkhomenko) December 11, 2017

Yes - There Was A Crime

Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker:

(there's a full audio at the link above, but I couldn't figure out how to embed it)
For now, Sekulow and Cobb are sticking to their original strategy. They have advertised their willingness to coƶperate with Mueller as a sign that Trump has nothing to hide, and their reaction to Flynn’s guilty plea reflects this view. “Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr. Flynn,” Cobb said. With regard to Mueller’s broader investigation, the White House lawyers’ position continues to be that President Trump didn’t commit a crime because no one did—or could—because there is no federal crime called “collusion,” and Rosenstein’s order did not refer to any criminal statutes that may have been violated. In several conversations with me, Sekulow emphasized that collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, even if it did take place, wouldn’t be illegal. “For something to be a crime, there has to be a statute that you claim is b…

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We are so fucked.

Sadly, the Roy Moore pedophilia accusations have successfully distracted from Roy Moore being a batshit lying homophobic Constitution-hating misogynist fake-Christian racist. — John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) December 10, 2017

Lies Heard 'Round The World

45*'s proclivity for lying is well documented.  The simple fact that he lies on a frequent and regular basis is not at all in dispute.

WaPo's fact checkers reported 1628 lies this year (as of November 13th):

For some reason, our year-long project analyzing, categorizing and tracking every false or misleading claim by President Trump had seemed like quite a burden in the past month. Well, the numbers are in and now we know why: In the past 35 days, Trump has averaged an astonishing nine claims a day.
The total now stands at 1,628 claims in 298 days, or an average of 5.5 claims a day. That puts the president on track to reach 1,999 claims by the end of his first year in office, though he obviously would easily exceed 2,000 if he maintained the pace of the past month. (Our full interactive graphic can be found here.)

Take a look at PolitiFact's list of just the Pants-On-Fire whoppers - 4 pages of them.

Now comes a piece from Bella DePaolo via Chicago Tribune:

The college students …

Amy Siskind

Amy Siskind, Meduim:

December 2, 2017

This week marked further erosion to our failing democracy. Attacks on, and deconstruction of our free press is happening at an alarming rate, as conservative billionaires buy up media outlets, some of which are then precipitously shuttered. Republicans in the Senate passed a tax bill whose primary beneficiary will be people like Trump and regime members, without any debate, scoring, hearings, or even a chance for senators to read a bill which impacts one-sixth of the US economy.

This week Trump continued his bigoted attacks on marginalized communities, dividing us at home and embarrassing our country on the world stage. There was disturbing reporting on Trump’s mental health, including his continued belief in conspiracy theories. With events and his actions this week, Trump’s net approval gap (-29) matched an all-time low.

This week was the second bombshell in the Mueller probe, as Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and agreed to coopera…

Today's Today

December 9th is Grace Hopper's birthday. She would've been 109 today.

I never knew her, but along with probably millions of people just like me, I owe Admiral Hopper an awful lot.

Because of her work developing Compilers, computers became very human-friendly, which greatly helped to open the floodgates for computer technology to evolve with unbelievable speed.

If I have to work in machine language, I couldn't program my way off of a flatbed truck. Grace Hopper made it possible for me to master a certain level of Application Programming that led me to some pretty great things in a very satisfying career.

One of my favorite things is the story of her presence at the birth of the term "bug" as it applies to computers. 


While she was working on a Mark II Computer at a US Navy research lab in Dahlgren, Virginia in 1947, her associates discovered a moth that was stuck in a relay; the moth impeded the operation of the relay. While neither Hopper nor her crew mentio…

Worse Is Better

Starting with tonight's performance, the part of Martha Mitchell will now be played by Ms Simona Mangiante.

(She's trying pretty hard to be Maureen Dean, but I don't think that's working for her just yet)

It would seem that Mike (The Holy Beard) Pence, is among very few guys in 45*'s gang who aren't married to, or engaged to, or separated from, or hangin' with a woman who has very obvious ties to the Russian government.

So, "follow the money"?  Yeah, OK - but with these guys, it's also "follow the dick".

Nicole LaFond, TPM:

“He never took any initiative, as far as I know, unauthorized,” she said. “He never took any initiative without the blessing of the campaign.”

Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in October and has agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with the foreign power to win the election. According to c…

ProLeft Podcast

Don't you dare call it "Trumpism" - what we're seeing is what the Republican Party is now.

And people like Joe Scarborough and David Brooks have been perfectly happy helping it to become what it is - what they both now insist isn't what they wanted.  That may be "true" technically, but along with so many others, they looked the other way and accepted the inclusion and the growing influence of the shitty people who're now in charge of the joint.

The monster is rampaging through the village, and they don't get to pretend they didn't have a hand in building it.

The Professional Left
From Illinois Times:

After more than 400 episodes, Langum and her husband have this down pat. With themselves as bosses, butter-smooth voices made for radio and no commercials to squeeze in, their podcast lasts about an hour, and if it runs a few minutes over or under, no biggie. It sounds remarkably professional as the couple sprints from one topic to the next, …

This Joint Stinks

2 more students shot dead at school.
Two students were killed after gunfire erupted early Thursday at a New Mexico high school, according to police.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office said the person believed to have opened fire at Aztec High, a school of about 1,000 students near the Colorado border, is also dead. No one else was injured, the sheriff’s office said. The Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President, which oversees territory not far from the school, had previously released a statement saying 15 people were injured.

The FBI and New Mexico state police were investigating.

Officials held an afternoon press conference but released little information about what transpired at the school Thursday morning, including the names of those killed and how the suspected shooter died.

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez commended police for their courage and described students “hiding in closets, in teacher’s offices and under desks.”

“There were several acts of bravery by staff me…

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A kid murders both of his parents and then pleads for mercy because he's an orphan.

We must cut back on health care to pay for the repairs to the house I just purposefully burned down. — David Corn (@DavidCornDC) December 7, 2017

Casualties Of War

Al Franken resigned this week.

(hoping I'm wrong about all this, BTW)

I can't stop thinking he got swift-boated. GOP went after him solely because he's been very strong on Equality issues.

It's basic Debate (and Salesmanship) training: If the opponent can knock down your strongest point, they can ignore everything else you have to say and revert to their comfortable assumptions.

There's a strong element of False Equivalence too. Kristen Gillibrand has led the charge, saying that when we argue over Degrees of Offense, we're having the wrong conversation - harassment is harassment is harassment, and we simply cannot have it.

I think I get it - we all have to be called to account, including our friends and political allies.

But this looks a lot like the GOP has played the Hypocrisy Card, and the Dems have bought in like it's Everything On Sale At Whole Foods. 

AKA: taking your strength and turning it against you. And as usual, Dems have been most obliging by going in…

Stoopid Is As Stoopid Does

The Beaverton:

JERUSALEM – In response to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, the Palestinian National Authority has announced that it will recognize Texas as a state of Mexico since it was violently annexed by the United States in the 1840s.

“The territory north and east of the Rio Grande is very important to the Mexican people,” explained a PNA spokesperson. “Before American settlers showed up and implemented slavery, Mexico oversaw this land. Then, President Polk sent his armies to invade the rest of these Mexican territories, and force the country to give up California, New Mexico, most of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. We may soon recognize these states as part of Mexico too.”
hat tip = @ALT_uscis

There's A New Wrinkle

I thought it had to be phonied up, but I checked half a dozen sources.

Here's the C-SPAN clip:

Dry mouth, sniffles, slurred speech. Lotsa speculation, particularly about how maybe it's nothing but an older man's dentures getting all wonky on him.
OK, but he's a billionaire who shits in a gold-plated toilet. Wouldn't he maybe have dental implants instead of dentures?
With all the pressure from the Russian thing, and considering all the reports about his usual whacko behavior becoming even more bizarre, I'm thinking some high-octane Medicinal Cocktails are not out of the question.
Let's not forget who this guy's doctor is.

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I'd just like to get back to where I've got some chops - but I promise I won't assault your sensibilities by trying to do anything like this.

'Bout Damned Time

driftglass and Blue Gal have been nailing this one for a good long time - politics is broken, and it's because we have a party making a mainstay of its raison d'etre to piss in our gas tank.

And finally, NYT is starting to catch up:

(Mann and Ornstein)
What is astounding, and still largely unappreciated, is the unexpected and rapid nature of the decline in American national politics, and how one-sided its cause. If in 2006 one could cast aspersions on both parties, over the past decade it has become clear that it is the Republican Party — as an institution, as a movement, as a collection of politicians — that has done unique, extensive and possibly irreparable damage to the American political system.
Even today, many people like to imagine that the damage has all been President Trump’s doing — that he took the Republican Party hostage. But the problem goes much deeper.
These guys have been here before, but as they point out in the piece, they've been going along with the standa…

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