And so the next phase begins. The task at DumFux News now is to make sure the rubes have reason to stay convinced there's nothing wrong with 45* getting up with the Russkies to rat-fuck the election, which means there's nothing to investigate, which means the Dems are just bullying the noble GOP for strictly political purposes - the usual bullshit about people who're in the Majority; people who hold all the levers of power; they're the real victims.

And I think I may have mentioned it before, but a lot of 45*'s apologists are concentrating on the word "collusion", apparently believing it gives them weasel room because "collusion isn't a crime".

Two things - first, we have to give POTUS a lot of leeway to do the job. But that means the president has to conduct business at a level of honorability that's way above what mere mortals have to abide by. 

So there may be nothing specific prohibiting a behavior, but that doesn't automatically mean there's absolutely nothing wrong with that behavior. And there's no doubt in my mind that cooperating with a foreign government's illegal efforts to fuck up an election - or just looking the other way - is as bad as it gets for anybody wielding such great power.

Second, you don't need to commit a criminal act to be guilty of Abuse of Power, Obstruction of Justice, Witness Intimidation and/or Witness Tampering, etc etc etc.

One last bit - I'm thinking the Press Poodles oughta start asking Repubs (eg: Lindsay Graham):
You guys got all het up to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about Monica Lewinski giving him a blowjob in the 90s. Here we have 45* lying about giving blowjobs to practically everybody with an office in the Kremlin, and that's a big collective yawn for ya. Can you explain the difference for us?

Just wonderin'.