Thursday, December 4, 2014

Some Questions

From WaPo via Little Green Footballs:
Larry McQuilliams had “let me die” written in marker across his chest when he fired more than 100 rounds in downtown Austin early Friday morning.
McQuilliams, who Austin Police officials called a “homegrown American extremist” with ties to a Christian identity hate group, was shot dead on Friday by a police officer outside the department’s headquarters.
Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo told reporters on Monday that officers who searched the gunman’s home found a map with 34 targets, including two churches. McQuilliams had fired bullets into Austin police headquarters, a federal courthouse and the Mexican consulate in downtown Austin on Friday. He also tried to set the Mexican consulate building on fire.
Among other things investigators need to determine: How McQuilliams got his weapons. He had been arrested in 1998 for driving under the influence and in 1992 for aggravated robbery, Acevedo said. He also served time in prison for a bank robbery.
Phineas Priesthood affiliates were tied to a string of 1996 bank robberies and bombings in the state of Washington.
Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told The Post that the Phineas Priesthood is a “concept” that originated with “Vigilantes of Christendom,” which came out in 1990. The group takes its name from a story about the biblical figure of Phineas in the book of Numbers.
1) Isn't this exactly what the FBI and ATF and DoD and about a dozen other agencies have been trying to warn us about, while "conservatives" are always saying it's just Obama's anti-white-man propaganda?

2) When can we expect the NRA to chime in with, "we just need to enforce existing law" (when it comes to keeping guns away from convicted felons), while re-asserting the bullshit about how there's no need for background checks?

3) Shouldn't somebody out there on the Far Right be saying something shitty about Chief Acevedo?  (this one may take some time because they have to make some small effort to expressed it in terms couched ever so deeply in coded racist language so as to give themselves a little plausible deniability)

4) This happened Monday, and maybe I just missed it, but how come "the librul media" wasn't all over it?  Unless of course, "The Liberal Bias of Mainstream Media" is one big fucking lie.


  1. You don't want to have a gun, well don't have one...

    Yet I don't need nanny state idiots telling me what I can or can't own...

    Anyway that who gun control and the crowd of swine that support it are ranting, witless hypocrites...

    Now if the bastards were actually serious about gun control they'd try to clean up all the illegal firearms in the urban ghettos across the country...

    1. I'm glad you dropped by by, juandos. Is English a second language for you?

    2. Also too - thanks for helping me make my point by mentioning 'Nanny State', and 'Urban Ghettos' in that predictable knee-jerk way.


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