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Social Eugenics

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Shut Up & Take Your First Cousins As Your Second Wives Already, Whining Saints
by M. Bouffant at 21:25

[T]he LDS church released a video on its website explaining the ritual purpose of temple garments, requesting that non-Mormons and members of the media to treat "Latter-day Saint temple garments as they would religious vestments of other faiths. Ridiculing or making light of sacred clothing* is highly offensive to Latter-day Saints.  

Fuck you, self-styled Saints & all the other shitheads who swallow that they must dress in a special way to please their sky fairy & distinguish themselves from mere mortals but then complain when laughed at. You don't want to be ridiculed, don't be ridiculous. (I think it's called the Golden Rule; isn't it in your book of fairy tales & silly stories?)

And yes yes we understand that making their cultists look idiotic to the rest of the world is only one of many ways the shepherds of the flocks reinforce group identity to keep their marks alienated & separate from the awful-in-its-way outside world of shit & pain.

Previously in underwear.
*They aren't sacred to me, whatever that means. And for heaven's sake, no matter what's under discussion, don't remind this reporter or anyone else how offended you'll be if someone dares to mock you. We'll start to think you're asking to be "made light of".

Call Bullshit

We're stuck in a Supply-Side nightmare.  We know these nutball "conservatives" have failed to deliver on any of the promised awesomeness.  We know their policies of Austerity and Free Market Magic and everybody's-a-millionaire-in-waiting are just sun-shiny-happy-talk bullshit designed to get you to help them make their big money contributors a little richer while blaming you for their failure when you find out you're not quite able to make the thing  work for you when it's not supposed to work for you in the first fuckin' place - and somehow we're still looking at another possible Repub win next month in the mid-terms.
That word, "experiment," has come to haunt Brownback as the data rolls in. The governor promised his "pro-growth tax policy" would act "like a shot of adrenaline in the heart of the Kansas economy," but, instead, state revenues plummeted by nearly $700 million in a single fiscal year, both Moody's and Standard & Poor's downgraded the state's credit rating, and job growth sagged behind all four of Kansas' neighbors. Brownback wound up nixing a planned sales-tax cut to make up for some of the shortfall, but not before he'd enacted what his opponents call the largest cuts in education spending in the history of Kansas.
Brownback hardly stands alone among the class of Republican governors who managed to get themselves elected four years ago as part of the anti-Obama Tea Party wave by peddling musty supply-side fallacies. In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich – whose press releases claim he's wrought an "Ohio Miracle" – has presided over a shrinking economy, this past July being the 21st consecutive month in which the state's job growth has lagged behind the national average. In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker, whose union-busting inadvertently helped kick off the Occupy movement, cut taxes by roughly $2 billion – yet his promise to create 250,000 new private-sector jobs during his first term has fallen about 150,000 jobs short, and forecasters expect the state to face a $1.8 billion budgetary shortfall by mid-2017. A recent analysis by the Detroit Free Press, meanwhile, laid out how the tax policies of Gov. Rick Snyder, a wealthy entrepreneur who campaigned in Michigan as a nerdy technocrat, have resulted in businesses paying less ($1.7 billion less per year, to be exact), individuals paying more ($900 million per year) and – here's the kicker – job growth slowing every year since Snyder's cuts have been enacted.
C'mon, Dems.  Up on your hind legs.  Stop pretending this is fight between Red and Blue; Liberal and Conservative; or whatever your Marketing Team comes up with next.  This is between the millions of reasonable Americans who just want a fair shake, and a bunch of radical phonies dressed up to look like "patriots" trying to take us back to the glories of the late 18th century.

Supply Side is failed policy.  Stand up and say it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

So Close


  Palin Family Brawl (AUDIO!) -- Bristol: He Called Me A C**t and A Slut!
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Anybody worth knowing (ie: anybody who's ever actually done anything of note or has ever thought or said anything interesting) has a skeleton to two in his closet.

That said - holy fuck - you think The Biden Bunch pulls some embarrassing shit?

hat tip = Web Of Evil

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Scoop On Ebola

When you can count on about a third of the population in USAmerica Inc to be gullible rubes, and you can also count on about a third of our esteemed "leaders" to be more than a little willing to exploit that gullibility, you can count on going exactly nowhere and having exactly nothing when you get there.

From an email I just got from my vet here in Earlysville:

There are so many Questions about Ebola and Pets - here are answers from the CDC:

The ongoing epidemic of Ebola virus in West Africa ( has raised several questions about how the disease affects the animal population, and in particular, the risk to household pets. While the information available suggests that the virus may be found in several kinds of animals, CDC, the US Department of Agriculture, and the American Veterinary Medical Association do not believe that pets are at significant risk for Ebola in the United States.

How are animals involved in Ebola outbreaks?

Because the natural reservoir host of Ebola has not yet been confirmed, the way in which the virus first appears in a human at the start of an outbreak is unknown. However, scientists believe that the first patient becomes infected through contact with an infected animal, such as a fruit bat or primate (apes and monkeys), which is called a spillover event. Person-to-person transmission follows and can lead to large numbers of affected persons. In some past Ebola outbreaks, primates were also affected by Ebola, and multiple spillover events occurred when people touched or ate infected primates. In the current West African epidemic, animals have not been found to be a factor in ongoing Ebola transmission.

How does Ebola spread?

When infection occurs in humans, the virus can be spread in several ways to others. Ebola is spread through direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes in, for example, the eyes, nose, or mouth) with blood or body fluids (including but not limited to urine, saliva, sweat, feces, vomit, breast milk, and semen) of a person who is sick with Ebola objects (like needles and syringes) that have been contaminated with the virus.

Ebola is not spread through the air or by water, or in general, by food. However, in Africa, Ebola may be spread as a result of handling bushmeat (wild animals hunted for food) and contact with infected bats.

Only a few species of mammals (for example, humans, monkeys, and apes) have shown the ability to become infected with and spread Ebola virus. There is no evidence that mosquitos or other insects can transmit Ebola virus.

Can dogs get infected or sick with Ebola?

At this time, there have been no reports of dogs or cats becoming sick with Ebola or of being able to spread Ebola to people or other animals. Even in areas in Africa where Ebola is present, there have been no reports of dogs and cats becoming sick with Ebola. There is limited evidence that dogs become infected with Ebola virus, but there is no evidence that they develop disease.

Here in the United States, are our dogs and cats at risk of becoming sick with Ebola?

The risk of an Ebola outbreak affecting multiple people in the United States is very low. Therefore, the risk to pets is also very low, as they would have to come into contact with blood and body fluids of a person with Ebola. Even in areas in Africa where Ebola is present, there have been no reports of dogs and cats becoming sick with Ebola.

Can I get Ebola from my dog or cat?

At this time, there have been no reports of dogs or cats becoming sick with Ebola or of being able to spread Ebola to people or animals. The chances of a dog or cat being exposed to Ebola virus in the United States is very low as they would have to come into contact with blood and body fluids of a symptomatic person sick with Ebola.

Can my pet's body, fur, or paws spread Ebola to a person?

We do not yet know whether or not a pet?s body, paws, or fur can pick up and spread Ebola to people or other animals. It is important to keep people and animals away from blood or body fluids of a person with symptoms of Ebola infection.

What if there is a pet in the home of an Ebola patient?

CDC recommends that public health officials in collaboration with a veterinarian evaluate the pet?s risk of exposure to the virus (close contact or exposure to blood or body fluids of an Ebola patient). Based on this evaluation as well as the specific situation, local and state human and animal health officials will determine how the pet should be handled.

Can I get my dog or cat tested for Ebola?

There would not be any reason to test a dog or cat for Ebola if there was no exposure to a person infected with Ebola. Currently, routine testing for Ebola is not available for pets.

What are the requirements for bringing pets or other animals into the United States from West Africa?

CDC regulations require that dogs and cats imported into the United States be healthy. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies before arrival into the United States. Monkeys and African rodents are not allowed to be imported as pets under any circumstances.

Each state and U.S. Territory has its own rules for pet ownership and importation, and these rules may be different from federal regulations. Airlines may have additional requirements.

Can monkeys spread Ebola?

Yes, monkeys are at risk for Ebola. Symptoms of Ebola infection in monkeys include fever, decreased appetite, and sudden death. Monkeys should not be allowed to have contact with anyone who may have Ebola. Healthy monkeys already living in the United States and without exposure to a person infected with Ebola are not at risk for spreading Ebola.

Can bats spread Ebola?

Fruit bats in Africa are considered to be a natural reservoir for Ebola. Bats in North America are not known to carry Ebola and so CDC considers the risk of an Ebola outbreak from bats occurring in the United States to be very low. However, bats are known to carry rabies and other diseases here in the United States. To reduce the risk of disease transmission, never attempt to touch a bat, living or dead.

Where can I find more information about Ebola and pet dogs and cats?

CDC is currently working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and many other partners to develop additional guidance for the U.S. pet population. Additional information and guidance will be posted on this website as well as partner websites as soon as it becomes available.

Two things - first, how come I have to get this info from MY FUCKING VET?

And two, after reading this, of course, it's pretty obvious that ISIS has infiltrated the Earlysville Animal Hospital!!!

Run!!! Flee!!! Scurry!!! Somebody call Rand Paul and tell him, They're Here!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


We have two political parties in USAmerica Inc:

The Demoblicans (or Republicrats, if you prefer), and the Tea Party.

At any rate, we've got "one side" that actually wants to get some things done, and we've got another side that's filled with so much hatred for everything that we've always known and recognized as being American, that they just seem hell-bent on tearing it all down.

Nothing changes until we figure out how to get rid of these bozos.  And Repubs, you have to step up and do it.  Those are your guys.

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The first step is to convince you that you're remembering certain events in your life incorrectly.  If those events make for crappy memories - like having been in combat, or that you may have done things you know were wrong, or that you fell for a scam and got played for a sucker - well, then I can substitute an alternative version of history and you'll be more than a little happy just to go along with it.

From truthout:
With George W. Bush's wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and Barack Obama's drone wars in seven Muslim-majority countries and his escalating wars in Iraq and Syria, we have apparently moved beyond the Vietnam syndrome. By planting disinformation in the public realm, the government has built support for its recent wars, as it did with Vietnam.
Now the Pentagon is planning to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War by launching a $30 million program to rewrite and sanitize its history. Replete with a fancy interactive website, the effort is aimed at teaching schoolchildren a revisionist history of the war. The program is focused on honoring our service members who fought in Vietnam. But conspicuously absent from the website is a description of the antiwar movement, at the heart of which was the GI movement.
Thousands of GIs participated in the antiwar movement. Many felt betrayed by their government. They established coffee houses and underground newspapers where they shared information about resistance. During the course of the war, more than 500,000 soldiers deserted. The strength of the rebellion of ground troops caused the military to shift to an air war. Ultimately, the war claimed the lives of 58,000 Americans. Untold numbers were wounded and returned with post-traumatic stress disorder. In an astounding statistic, more Vietnam veterans have committed suicide than were killed in the war.
If we know the real story about what "our" government wants done, most of us are going to be pretty reluctant to do it.  And that's always a problem for governments.

So I have to ask - What's the story here?  Why now?  Are we getting this Happy-Talk-History because we need solace about another shitty chapter in USAmerica Inc's past, or are we being softened up for the next little adventure that we'll end up feeling shitty about all over again 40 years down the road?

Also too, Veterans' Day is coming up, and we're losing veterans of "the good war" at a very brisk pace.  So maybe we just need a little good ol' American PR know-how to take the Vietnam shit brick and polish it to a bright lustrous sheen blah blah blah - we need heroes, and heroes don't come from stupid little corporate sponsored wars.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Today's Stevie Ray

  1. The Things That I Used To Do
  2. Tin Pan Alley 04:57
  3. Leave My Girl Alone 14:10
  4. Riviera Paradise 18:29
  5. Ain't Gonna Give Up On Love 27:22
  6. Life Without You 33:32
  7. The Sky Is Crying 37:50
  8. Little Wing 42:31
  9. Texas Flood 49:24
  10. Dirty Pool 54:48
  11. Lenny 59:53

Elect Republicans

Expect amazingly great things, and end up getting Kansas.

We are so Kansas-ed.