Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Newly Discovered

I stumbled upon this website while scanning thru a piece at
It may be easy to draw a caricature of a "quack” as a cross between the ShamWow pitchman and an alchemist, but they’re really not so easy to spot. Modern-day quacks often cherry-pick science and use what suits them as semantic backdrop to fool unsuspecting consumers. Quacks may dazzle people with fanciful research studies or scare them with intimidating warnings before trying to peddle products that make unreasonable promises. And those who use these alternative, unproven products may forego treatments that would be more likely to help them.
In short, quackery is dangerous. It promotes fear, devalues legitimate science and can destroy lives. Here are the four biggest quacks giving dubious health advice in the media and some samples of their detrimental advice.
Science-Based Medicine:
Science-Based Medicine is dedicated to evaluating medical treatments and products of interest to the public in a scientific light, and promoting the highest standards and traditions of science in health care. Online information about alternative medicine is overwhelmingly credulous and uncritical, and even mainstream media and some medical schools have bought into the hype and failed to ask the hard questions.
We provide a much needed “alternative” perspective — the scientific perspective.
Good science is the best and only way to determine which treatments and products are truly safe and effective. That idea is already formalized in a movement known as evidence-based medicine (EBM). EBM is a vital and positive influence on the practice of medicine, but it has limitations and problems in practice: it often overemphasizes the value of evidence from clinical trials alone, with some unintended consequences, such as taxpayer dollars spent on “more research” of questionable value. The idea of SBM is not to compete with EBM, but a call to enhance it with a broader view: to answer the question “what works?” we must give more importance to our cumulative scientific knowledge from all relevant disciplines.
SBM’s authors are all medically trained and have spent years writing for the public about science and medicine, tirelessly advocating for high scientific standards in health care.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meet Your Fellow Travelers

If you're ready to start bunkin' in with the Tea Party (aka: GOP Mainstream wannabes), then you need to know who some of these jokers are, and what they're all about.

It's about the power.  The new meme (even here in Exceptional USAmerica Inc, where we're supposed to do it differently) is "nobody just hands you the power; you have to take it".  Thru intimidation and threat, or by legal wrangling or by the actual application of force, you take power; you don't request it, and you don't play nice.

And the whole "democracy in action" thing?  There's a pretty big and important faction of "conservatives" who seem to think an election is little more than window dressing - a good way to distract the rubes so they don't notice they're gettin' fucked with their pants on.  They allow us to go thru the motions of voting, and they hang bunting from every lamp post, and we have to listen to every sappy-crappy tune that ever fell out of Nashville's ass as we fight the parade traffic trying to get to the polls - all because the pig they're peddling requires a shitload of lipstick.  Ever wonder why the Yippies wanted to crash the convention in Chicago so they could nominate Pigasus?  That wasn't a stunt so much as it was Political Prophesy.

Anyway, moving on to a little development from here in Virginia, Ken (Kenny the Kooch) Cuccinelli is among the latest failed wingnut candidates (who'll never get elected to anything again because they don't really wanna get elected because wingnut welfare is a much better-paying gig than anything Da Gubmint has to offer); Kooch clings desperately to what's left of his political relevance by coming out with this thoroughly upside down and backwards little gem. (hat tip = Blue Virginia):

Because ya just can't get pure enough.  The whole world is corrupt and evil 'cept for you and me - and I'm beginnin' to wonder about you.

This Is Your Brain

Child's brain:

Teenager Brain:

Honeymoon Brain:

Church Brain:

Thinking Brain:

War Brain:

Birthday Brain:

Party Brain:

Hangover Brain:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Easy Not To Care

Today's PFU

Brilliantly entrepreneurial cuz nobody ever went broke underestimating the self-importance or the good sense of the Americans.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Tune-i-fication

Boulder To Birmingham (cover) --The Fray (w/Emmy Lou Harris)

Guess It Doesn't Matter Any More (cover) --Eva Cassidy

Don't Think Twice (cover) --Susan Tedeschi

Oh Darling --Beatles

She's No Lady --Lyle Lovett

Makin' Whoopee --Dr John And Rickie Lee Jones

I Don't Like Thinking This Way

It's a pretty lousy feeling when you're not so sure the "good guys with the guns" are on your side.

And that lousy feeling doesn't get any better when you start thinking you may have something in common with these assholes:

Friday, July 18, 2014

We Teach Life, Sir

I am now officially in conflict with the current paradigm - OK OK, more in conflict...

Whether they are or not, Israel ends up looking like complete assholes.

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Living In The Penumbral Age

(paraphrasing) What the Deniers tell us to fear most - massive government intervention and over-reach and meddling in the free market - is exactly what we're going to get when catastrophic changes due to Climate Change really kick in.

The podcast at Inquiring Minds:

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Today's Best Thing On The Toobs

Ya cain't say nuthin' more perfecter than this Wonkette headline:

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