Saturday, September 24, 2016

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You can pray all you want, but if you expect that mountain to move, you'd best be figurin' out how carry some fuckin' rocks.

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Is it possible that PBS is trying to make a comeback?

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Doin' the Lord's work.

My big take-away today - stop allowing the conversation to get hung up on the controversy of what Colin Kaepernick is doing, and insist the discussion stay focused on the reason he's doing what he's doing.

Friday, September 23, 2016

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I Wonder

A while back, Donald Trump got some pretty good play by suggesting that if NATO allies don't pony up on their fair share, then maybe USAmerica Inc isn't required to come thru on its Article 5 commitments.

So, maybe someone should ask Mr Trump:  

  • If American companies doing business overseas haven't paid their fair share of taxes in the US, shouldn't we make sure the US Military isn't used to protect their interests on foreign soil?
  • Shouldn't they have to pay a tax for the maintenance and operations of the facilities at Ports Of Entry?
  • Shouldn't they be considered unworthy of police and fire protection here at home?  
  • Should they be allowed access to public roadways?
  • How about Water and Sewer?
  • Whenever they hire somebody, shouldn't they be required to pay a requisite amount to a school district to reimburse those schools for having educated those new employees for them?
If corporations are people (and if this isn't just one big Fuck-You-If-You-Ain't-Got-The-Juice proposition), then why do they get to play by a different set of rules?

It's a wonderment.

Today's Keith

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ignoring History

That woman is not saying anything we don't hear almost every day.  So I guess it's time for this one again:

Alex Nails It

Something about "the mouths of babes" maybe?

Your God Can Blow Me

Radical Christian shit is no better than radical Islamic shit, which is no better than radical Judaic shit or radical Hindi shit or or or.

Take away our belief in Imaginary Friends, and we take away that guy's power to get us to do stoopid things that he thinks our imaginary friend is commanding us to do.


Push for reasoning and logic and evidence, and bit by bit, we start to dismantle one of the main structural rationalizations for making people suffer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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Tim Wise

Make the connections between Racism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, Misogyny, etc.  There're reasons we encounter these things (often) in the same places, and just as often expressed by the same people.

A take-away for me: It must really suck for you to have been told your whole life that the world belongs to you and you get to take whatever you want from it, only to find out that you were lied to, that the world is not really that way, and you won't be getting every little thing after all.

Today's Keith

Find Keith's new home at GQ

BTW - to reiterate - what Trump is doing comes under the heading of Stochastic Terrorism.

It's the shitty little thing that despots are always pulling - the dog whistle calling to the Lone Wolf who'll interpret it to mean he should do something the Strong Man's id wants to make happen while maintaining the necessary deniability.

It's the lowest political dirty trick ever.

And Keith's absolutely right to recall Hillary doing basically the same thing - although I hafta give her props for backing it off right away, which means to me that she may have stumbled into it not recognizing at the moment that it'd be taken the wrong way.  Point being, she fucked up; she owned the fuck up; she learned not to do it again.

And so to Trump - once can be an anomaly; twice could certainly be coincidence - but that second time, when it's Donald Trump, is just as likely to reveal a deliberate pattern.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Seth Myers, Samantha Bee and John Oliver are the 4th estate now

I ❤️ Elizabeth Warren

But what we really need to do is de-regulate big business - to help the little guy make his $200,000,000 in stock options.

However Bad You Think He Is

Sam Bee

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Monday, September 19, 2016


All of the guns in USAmerica Inc are owned by 22% of the total Adult Population of USAmerica Inc.

78% of the Adult Population is being told what we can and can't do about guns and gun violence and gun-related problems by the other 22%.

Gettin' pretty fucking tired of this Minority Rule bullshit.

Trump's Guy

Sorry - but I had to.  I feel a need to check in on these guys once in a while just to see for myself.  So if I have to do it, then so do you. I really don't like going there alone.

It doesn't get better.  It's been getting worse for quite a while.  Even if it's mostly just an act for Alex Jones, some otherwise normal people are taking too much of this shit way too seriously. 

And just to reiterate - this is Trump's guy. Trump has said as much. I have some Facebook pals, known to be Trump voters, who parrot the Alex Jones talking points almost verbatim when they try to engage with me.  They don't generally get this het up about it, but the signs of Political Dementia are there in a pretty big way.

Smile When You Say That

Trae Crowder

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Tho't I should give you a heads up on this one just in case.

This one is NSFW

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gary Johnson Strikes Again

Another WTF moment on the air:

"...just grateful that nobody got hurt..."?

How does anyone justify even considering voting for a guy with that much empty space in his head?

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