Monday, November 12, 2018

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I dunno - something something...counting the votes...something something...Florida.

Art Lesson


Nationalists and Exclusionists and Eliminationists need desperately to divide us; to keep us from seeing ourselves in each other... be constantly suspicious of everybody. Small-minded, paranoid, insecure; looking to the Daddy State's reassuring authority to decide what's good for us, and even to do our thinking for us on a regular basis.

Uncle Wally

Wally Putin is a bad bad guy.

  • He's ordered the murders of journalists and political opponents and dissidents - some on foreign soil. 
  • He indulges the ambitions of empire on the part of himself and his oligarch pals. 
  • He's deeply and personally involved in an all-out attack on western democracies.
And it has to be obvious to anyone with a living thinking brain that he's 45*'s bestest good buddy in the whole wide world.

POTUS has been kinda MIA this whole trip, except that it appears he's been sure to keep his appointments with Mr Putin.

It's just possible that we're seeing the beginning of Cult45's third act.

And just a quick update:

Ruth Bader Ginsberg was back on the job one day after falling and fracturing 3 ribs.

45* didn't make to work on Saturday cuz it kinda got to rainin'.

This one never gets old. I'm not a Reagan fan. I voted for him, and then changed my mind after Iran-Contra. But I can't deny the guy was a gutsy bad ass in some ways.

This was just a coupla months after John Hinkley damned near put him in the ground.

This Week Last Night

John Oliver - cuz an awful lot of the real investigative journalism, and in-depth reporting is happening on cable comedy shows.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Oh Those Youngsters

Cassandra Levesque (D-Strafford 04), a 19-year-old Girl Scout, won a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives last Tuesday - running on the strength of her successful push to raise the Minimum Age to Marry from 13 to 16.

The Concord Monitor:

Levesque said she hadn’t originally planned on running this year – she has a busy schedule with online political science courses from Southern New Hampshire University and her position as a girl scout leader in Barrington. She is also still in the process of getting her driver’s license, and was worried about the commute to Concord, she said.

- and -

In 2017, as a senior at Dover High School, Levesque began her push to raise the marriage age – 13 for girls and 14 for boys – as part of a Girl Scouts project that ultimately earned her the organization’s gold award. Both her grandmother and great-grandmother entered into child marriages in their teens to escape abuse at home.

Diversity, bitches. 
Without it, we get stagnant. 

We've allowed our governments to be practically nothing but older white men. To be clear, I'm an older white man, but this is not about ducking my responsibilities, and I'm not indulging in self-loathing - the point is that we have to stop pretending we can have a healthy equitable society when the power structure is so unfairly out of balance. 

That oughta seem simple and obvious, but if we know so much, then we should understand that  artificially slanting things in favor of that Old White Guy Status Quo, can only make it better for fewer and fewer people - which means things get worse for more and more people.

Anyway, congratulations to Ms Levesque for chipping away at the monolith, lowering the average age of the New Hampshire legislature and skewing the gender split - all of which btw, contribute to raising the standards for that body and for the rest of us too.

Way to go, Cassie. Stay after it.

Today's Today

The eleventh month, on the eleventh day, at the eleventh hour.

The end of the war to end all wars - part 1.

Yes - I'll Rub It In

45* Punks Out - Again

Water-soluble hair products don't stand up to the rain very well, so yesterday, "POTUS" just couldn't take a chance that he might look bad.

Guess what, Mr Trump - you look really bad.

Max Boot:

On Saturday afternoon, the president was scheduled to attend a ceremony at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, where 2,289 U.S. soldiers are buried — a small part of the 116,000 Americans who gave the last full measure of devotion during World War I. It was the sort of solemn occasion that U.S. presidents have considered an integral part of their duty at least since the Gettysburg Address. But Trump couldn’t be bothered.

There's no honor and no courage in that tiny little man at all.

Here's Your Sign

If guns aren't the problem, and people are the problem, then why do you want the problem to have guns?

Saturday, November 10, 2018