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Sometimes I wonder if the government is being run by smart folks who are putting us on, or total idiots who aren't.

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The power of the narrative is in the power of naming thingsWhatever it is, call it what it isHillary failed (and we failed along with her in very much the same way) because she couldn't switch from Wonk to Story-Teller.

Some other thoughts:

The distraction machineWe create consumers, not thinkersIf both sides are the same, then I don't have to make a decisionYou are the product, and you're being sold to the advertisersCompanies have a vested interest in you becoming dumber and dumber

The Professional Left
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Every Man A Millionaire

Warren Buffett is currently sitting on $100 Billion Cash.

One Hundred Billion Dollars - CASH

Mr Buffett is known as one of the good-guy rich guys, and he knows he shouldn't have that kinda scratch lying around doing nothing.

But not even Warren Buffett knows what he oughta do with all that money when stock prices are crazy high, and most companies worth buying are over-valued, and and and.

He's said recently that the market (Wilshire 5000) is currently valued at about 140% of US GDP, and that usually means there's a "correction" coming.

The word "correction" in this context generally means "Honey, I won't be home for supper tonight because I plan on stepping in front of the train".

Typically, markets collapse right about now.

So here we go again.

BTW, we have a simple response to the GOP's favorite bromide of Tax Cuts for Over-Privleged Entitled-Feeling Rich-As-Fuck Elitist Assholes will boost the economy, create a gazillion jobs and increase …

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Beat me to it

Has no one noticed that the Paul Manafort is an anagram for "Anal Trump Oaf"? — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) September 21, 2017

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A short film, actually

Kimmel Fighting Back

Seems a little weird, but I think there's something happening with Libruls - they're getting up on their hind legs again.

Maybe Jimmy Kimmel isn't really "Liberal". Maybe he's just a guy who knows we need to try driving it down the middle - and in this ridiculous environment, he looks like a loonie leftie when he says anything of substance, or calls out a Ratpublican for lying to him - and now he's started to see that you don't get anything but fucked over when you play nice with some of these douche buckets.

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I guess I'd just like to know why the Ratpublicans think it's OK to force us to be unwilling test subjects in these little real-time experiments that everybody knows will fail.

Me: I'm scared of my family losing healthcare, esp when some of us have preexisting conditions & are struggling to make ends meet

Congress: — MarngešŸŒ¹ (@peg_mclaugh) September 20, 2017

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I've had better days

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And then the comment sums it all up perfectly

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What was all that about "entitled" and "elitist" and "special snowflakes"?

Enough to feed a poor kid for 6,250 days. — LOLGOP (@LOLGOP) September 20, 2017

High Level Fuckery

...of the lowest order.

First, I gotta bail on my general editorial tenet of not playing the same bullshit game the GOP plays when referring (eg) to the "Democrat Party". 

Now, most of ya'll know I have no problem calling lots of folks names - bonehead, rube, fuckwad or whatever.  But I've always referred to the parties as Dems and Repubs - maybe it's just my quiet still voice telling me, "You never go full dickhead", dickhead.

I dunno, but at this point, I'm suspending that particular standard, and going with my new nickname for the GOP:


Cuz holy fuck, kids, this Graham-Cassidy thing is nothing but the most cynical piece of shit to come down the pike in a good long time.

Vox, Jeff Stein:

In interviews with Vox on Tuesday, nine Republican senators primarily argued that their “Hail Mary” bill — spearheaded by Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC) and Bill Cassidy (LA) — would return federal power to the states, giving them greater flexibility to improve th…


You can shit on this guy if you feel the need:

Or you can feel all proud and heritage-y about this guy:

You know what it makes you when you do both, and by now you gotta know I'm gonna call your ass on it.


Impossible to ignore the drip drip drip

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Every time you feel attacked by someone online - someone you think should be on your side, or at least not deliberately alienating themselves from you instead of trying to make common cause - keep in mind that you might be dealing with "someone" who isn't really a "someone".

Every tweet in support of Hillary attracts Putin bots. Some were in mutual follow with me-others were keyword searching. — Honey #DemForce (@HoneyDemForce) September 7, 2017