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I can rest easy now that I've learned camels can swim.

Camels Crossing the Sea 🌊 — Nature is Scary (@TheScaryNature) April 21, 2018

hat tip = Charlie Pierce @CharlesPPierce

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Get togetherGet busyGet shit done

AKA: Canadian Hippo

But just as we might expect, cuz it's Canada - and everything's nicer in Canada - this hippo isn't known to attack people in the water. 

They wait for a chance encounter out in the woods - then they stomp your ass.

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As long as guys like Malcolm Nance are on our side, we've got a chance.

#Sucker. — Malcolm Nance (@MalcolmNance) April 22, 2018

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They're Not All Assholes

Good to remind myself once in a while that there are people in positions of power who get it - people who understand that this month's numbers mean diddly-shit if there's nothing left to work with in order to get next month's numbers. And that if you just leave it to the next guy to worry about that, then you're setting us all up for the kind of disaster we're starting to experience now.

Fortune Magazine's list of 50 great leaders for 2018:

16. Isabelle Kocher, CEO, Engie

In just two years, Kocher has pulled Engie, the energy giant formerly known as GDF Suez, into the future. The legacy oil and gas company now focuses on renewables and decarbonization; it has sold $15 billion worth of “dirty” assets and reinvested in cleaner ones. Kocher, the only woman CEO among France’s CAC 40 companies, recently boosted Engie’s dividend and reported its return to profitability after a two-year absence.

Eating your seed crop and fouling the nest are really bad ideas - even when y…

Up Your Ante

Investigating Russia:

Michael Cohen has dropped his libel lawsuits against BuzzFeed News and Fusion GPS which he filed in January claiming the Christopher Steele dossier defamed him. The move comes less than a week after McClatchy DC revealed Special Counsel Robert Mueller has proof Cohen did travel to Prague as described in Steele's memos.

"The decision to voluntarily discontinue these cases was a difficult one," Cohen's attorney David Schwartz said. "We believe the defendants defamed my client, and vindicating Mr. Cohen’s rights was — and still remains — important. But given the events that have unfolded, and the time, attention, and resources needed to prosecute these matters, we have dismissed the matters, despite their merits."

Cohen is in court fighting to exclude potential evidence FBI agents seized in a raid on his office, home, and hotel room on April 9th.

Bloomberg Politics:
The case against Fusion GPS, which compiled the dossier, and its co…


The big question regarding the women who hook up with 45* - how the fuck does that guy get those women into bed? 

Yeah - that guy.

The Author Of The Universe explains:

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Never forget: If they let us all vote, they lose.

Kobach blocked 35,000 from registering in Kansas. Nearly half were under 30. He's country's worst vote suppressor, as I explain in new @MotherJones video — Ari Berman (@AriBerman) April 19, 2018

Farther Down The Rabbit Hole

To have any shot at sorting thru everything that went into the American election in 2016, we'll have to make a real attempt to separate the means from the ends.

And we have to figure out who the players are - 

the people who votethe people those people vote for or againstthe people who manipulate both the vote-casters and the vote-getters.
And we have to make more of an effort to figure out what the objectives really are. 

I've been going on about The Daddy State for quite a while, but I think it's more than that - actually, more than that and a lot less than that at the same time.

The short version of my hypothesis boils it down to:

This is not government - this is a fucking robbery.

And the way the thing was set up is the key to understanding how ideology is co-opted; used as a decoy; and becomes the proverbial License To Steal, all under the guise of Rugged Individualism and Patriotic Zeal, or whatever turns the crank of the voter you're trying to motivate.

There's also…

The Greater Fool

The MAGA Rubes have the right idea, but as usual, they've been sold a counterfeit product.

We should Make America Great Again - absolutely, we should.  But the greatness we're talking about has nothing to do with the bullshit being peddled by Cult45 and the GOP.

I think about everything that's supposed to be great about the USA, which makes me think about great art and the innovation that goes with it.

I think about great curiosity that drives great education, which in turn makes us more curious and drives us to explore further.

I think about a great sense of humanity that keeps us in touch with the needs of our neighbors.

I think about a greater understanding that if one of us is kept down, the rest of us will find it that much harder to rise. 

Funny how all of that is what "conservatives" have spent at least 40 years telling us is wrong.

What A Concept

We can be certain of the future by making the past unpredictable.

The Daddy State never stops throwing shit up in the air. They count on the numbing effect when we feel overwhelmed by it all.

We're finally starting to see a little progress towards turning the tables, as Mueller & Co continue to pile up the subpoenas and the indictments and the plea deals, giving 45* a little taste of his own shit.

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Poppy Bush had it right 38 years ago - Voodoo Economics

Trickle Down Economics
Trickle Down Economic
Trickle Down Economi
Trickle Down Econom
Trickle Down Econo
Trickle Down Econ
Trickle Down Eco
Trickle Down Ec
Trickle Down E
Trickle Down
Trickle Dow
Trickle Do
Trickle D
Trick — Angry American 😡 (@TrueBlue2018) April 17, 2018

Overheard Online

Twitter was down today so I spent some time chatting with my wife - she seems nice.

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What's really scary is that when policy starts to make sense, we usually stop supporting it.

So, let me get this straight...

We're bombing Syria, because Syria bombed Syria, to show Syria that Syria shouldn't bomb Syria.

Then, after we've bombed Syria for bombing Syria, we still won't accept Syrian refugees that are seeking refuge from the bombing.

Got it. — Adam Sweeney (@AdamWSweeney) April 14, 2018