Sunday, January 4, 2015

Glancing Back

Like I said - good to step off the trolley once in a while to check on what's gone before.

hat tip = Mock Paper Scissors

I wonder if some folks who always say they vote Repub because they trust the GOP intend to re-evaluate their choices and make different decisions next time.

Yeah, I know - prob'ly not.

Shut up.

Thinking randomly:

Sometimes I wonder if it's really just a matter of conditioning - like I'm expecting somebody who grew up a Mets fan to make a sudden switch to the Yankees.

Brand Loyalty is a real thing and it can be pretty fierce.

The reversal of political poles does happen, but it takes a ridiculously long time.  Strom Thurmond split from the Dems in 1948, but he didn't flip completely and become a Republican until 1964.

The knowledge of actual historical fact does not play a big role in "conservative" politics these days.

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