Thursday, January 22, 2015

Playing The Turn-Around

It's all in the talent of the speaker to use the language of Reasonability and Anti-Theocracy in order to manipulate the crowd into 1) agreeing that what we have now is a Theocracy, and 2) since you agree that's what we have, then how can you disagree with replacing it with a better one?  Of course, he's banking on the rubes not being able to recognize the false premise, ie: that Atheism is just another religion.  

The whiplash from this kind of rhetorical gymnastics is enough to put normal people in traction.  But the rubes ain't normal people - they eat this shit up like it's 2-fer Tuesday down at Luby's.  It actually makes sense to 'em.

But in case you missed it, the kicker's up front; when he says it's not about how ol' Pappy Huck wants to be president - no - he hears the call of that god feller sayin' HE wants Ol' Pap to be president cuz we need somebody who's right with the lord; somebody righteous to straighten us all out and help us get our minds right; somebody god has anointed to be our leader.  So gosh, if god says he needs me to do it, I guess I should do it even tho' I really don't wanna do it unless of course god-his-own-bad-self says I should do it, so tarnation, I reckon I'll just hafta go ahead and do it then.

They pull this shit cuz it works.  Huckabee knows I'll see this clip, and he knows I'd never support him anyway so it doesn't matter what I think of it.  And he knows it'll get thru to his intended audience on the "conservative" websites, and he knows they're all duly afraid of guys like me so they're at practically no risk of reading anything contrary like my little post here, and he knows that even if a rube does hear some criticism, it'll make exactly zero difference because they're all pretty much the brand of "christians" who've been innoculated against the truth anyway.

And just for the hell of it (file this next bit under "I really don't give a fuck about Godwin"):

The bad guys don't come in looking like the bad guys.  The Little Corporal didn't just pop up in 1933 and say, "Hi, my name's Adolf and I'll be your fuhrer this evening - OK, so let's go fuck up the jews."

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