Monday, March 30, 2015

One More Time, Indiana

Apparently, Mike Pence has been quite surprised and even a little shocked that the reaction to his little Fuck-Them-Uppity-Queers-Anyway law has caused such a stir.  I'd really like to see the law as just another political calculation to appease the Right Radicals who got out the vote and put his ass in the governor's chair etc etc etc, but I think he's being fairly genuine here - I think he was actually convinced that what he did was gonna be OK with everybody.  

And I think he believed it because he's so totally insulated from everything that might in any way run contrary to his preconceptions.  Nobody ever says 'no' to this guy, and that's the way he wants it.

Pence is like your knuckleheaded brother-in-law or Uncle DumFux who never seeks out any information that might require him to modify his positions, or to rethink any of his opinions on  policy.  Call it Government By Confirmation Bias, or whatever, but here's the thing, Mikey:  when you've got your head up your ass, even if you open your eyes, all you're gonna see is your own shit.

hat tip = phantom power at Democratic Underground

And I'm still wondering (as well as still waiting for a Press Poodle to step up and ask) - precisely what "religious freedom" has been lost that makes government intervention necessary to restore it?

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