Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weaponized Stoopid

Ain't nobody gonna convince me that guy votes for Democrats, so it's hard for me to imagine how it coulda been any easier for the GOP to put together a platform that keeps that jag-off (and millions just like him) voting the straight Repub ticket.

And yeah, OK, Mr "Conservative" - I understand you're not all like that mush-brain, but y'know  what?  I'll bet he kinda thinks Obama and Hillary and Nancy Pelosi wanna kill his grandma and take his guns away and send his kids to a FEMA camp where they'll be forced to give George Soros a blowjob every day - and if he thinks that way it's because you've supported the cynical assholes who need him to think that way so he'll keep voting to fuck himself over (or go on shooting himself in the head; whichever helps drum up more support).  He gets those talking points from people who're interchangeable parts in a Massive Coin-Operated Political Mechanism; people (and I use that term advisedly here) who leave slime trails as they muck along from DumFux News to K Street and AEI to Capitol Hill.  They've been elected as his representatives at every level of government - he believes it all, and he is your fellow traveler; your kindred spirit; he's politically conjoined with you.  That guy is you now.

Look - we've got one political party that's pretty crappy, and I'm not asking anybody to fall in love with 'em.  But fer cripe sake, that other bunch is just fucking crazy.  So you're gonna hafta figure out how to make your break. And I know it's not easy - I started 20+ years ago, and I'm still not free of it.

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