Sunday, November 15, 2015


Friday The 13th can't get much worse than the shit that went down in Paris two days ago.

Except that, of course it can get worse - a lot worse - if the Right Radicals are allowed to hold sway.  (Remember that Marine Le Pen and her merry band of Franco-Nasties gained a lot after the Charlie Hebdo thing)

I posted this on my Facebook wall, saying I tho't the French people were pushing back in a good way, and that I hoped they'd keep their shit together.

And wouldn't you know it - as they try to rally and stay together and not let the forces of darkness overtake them, along come the French equivalent of The Trumpkins ...

The banner says something like "Expel The Islamists", but the ralliers chant "fascists go home", and instead of starting any shit (with the help of the cops), they stay together and apply steady pressure until the Brown Shirts back off and quit the scene. 

And it's striking that at the end, we see the "anti-islamists" just kinda dissolving into the crowd - some of them almost acting like they never really had anything to do with anything, and that maybe this whole thing never even happened.  

Run and hide, assholes.

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