Saturday, November 28, 2015

Score Card

For those of you scoring at home - or even if you're all by yourself - somebody's gotta be trying to keep track of all the shitty things Trump has said or done - things that so many of the Press Poodles tell us will blow him up and scatter his remains to the four winds.  But then, somehow, he stays around because the "lefty librul lame-stream media" are unable to resist breaking away from any and all programming to make sure we all get to see Lil Donny doing whatever he does that will surely disgust all of us, while we are never quite disgusted enough to stop watching that crap which of course is why they keep showing us that crap.

Anyway, here's a (probably) partial list:

  • outraged prisoners of war by doubting the heroism of Vietnam veteran John McCain, because he allowed himself to be captured
  • he appeared to accuse Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly of asking him tough questions because she was menstruating
  • accused Mexican immigrants to the US of being rapists
  • claimed that a Black Lives Matter protester who was violently ejected from a rally deserved to be “roughed up”
  • appeared to mock a New York Times journalist for his disability and then accused the journalist of “grandstanding” on that disability in his response
  • falsely accused Muslim Americans of cheering on the 9/11 attackers
  • agreed with suggestions that all such Muslims should have their names tracked on a database
  • Trump’s Twitter account recirculated racially charged but falsified crime statistics from an actual Nazi sympathiser
  • complained that many of these incidents were exaggerated by the political media, saying 70% of whom are “scum”

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