Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Today's Winner

Ripped from the blogosphere, the rawness of daily reality comes to life in the guise of Mock Paper Scissors:

The Death Of The Media, Bret Baier Edition

THE OTHER DUMB ONE has a mind like a steel trap… let’s be honest here: if video of dancing NJ Muslims existed, Fox would be playing it 24×7. The fact that they are NOT playing it 24×7 is pretty much proof that there is no documentary evidence that NJ Muslims ever danced in the streets.
But that’s not really the Death of the Media news. Let’s go to BRET BAIER’S response:
“The original statement is thousands and thousands of people in Jersey City celebrating. If you’re just going to get technical, that’s – I don’t know if that has been backed up. Yes, people were celebrating, in some number.”
If you’re going to get technical… that’s weasel speak for “I got nothing, but the boss doesn’t want us to concede.” A network news anchor just defended some BS with, if you’re going to get technical. Your job, Bret, is to get technical with everything, and that’s why YOU are today’s Death of the Media.
Tengrain nails it with: "If video of dancing Muslims existed, Fox would be playing it 24x7."

There were people in this country who celebrated JFK's assassination.  I'm not dismissing the probability that there was something shittily celebratory going on somewhere in USAmerica Inc, and I'm not condoning the shittiness, but politics makes for some pretty shitty behavior - let's try to remember at least that much if not much else in terms of details. 

And let's also try to remember that we all have the right to be asshole-ish enough to say "Yay"  at exactly the wrong time in response to exactly the wrong occurrence.

And one more little thing: We have video of the first plane crashing into the WTC, and while Jersey City ain't Manhattan, if there was any truth to the statement about thousands and thousands - or hundreds, or dozens, or handfuls - if any of that was anything more than Munchausen level bullshit, we'd have the fuckin' video.

And one more one more thing: There's a weird aspect about that piece that makes me think DumFux News is trying to give me the impression that they're trying to be all introspective and self-examining; that maybe they're trying to walk back some of the crazier shit.  What clues might that provide us as to the thinking of the apparatchiks there at the GOP Ministry of Misinformation?

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