Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today's Keith

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BTW - to reiterate - what Trump is doing comes under the heading of Stochastic Terrorism.

It's the shitty little thing that despots are always pulling - the dog whistle calling to the Lone Wolf who'll interpret it to mean he should do something the Strong Man's id wants to make happen while maintaining the necessary deniability.

It's the lowest political dirty trick ever.

And Keith's absolutely right to recall Hillary doing basically the same thing - although I hafta give her props for backing it off right away, which means to me that she may have stumbled into it not recognizing at the moment that it'd be taken the wrong way.  Point being, she fucked up; she owned the fuck up; she learned not to do it again.

And so to Trump - once can be an anomaly; twice could certainly be coincidence - but that second time, when it's Donald Trump, is just as likely to reveal a deliberate pattern.

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