Monday, October 24, 2016

Bullshit Redux

Repeal ObamaCare...

...and replace it with Healthcare Saving Accounts - because poor people can just take all the money they don't have right now and save it up so that some day in a bright and golden future, they can spend it on an insurance policy that helps pay for the remodeling on the beach house of a Mid-Level Manager whose bonus incentives are driven by the special language of the policies, which makes sure the "coverage" calls for paying out only as much as any given client's lawyer can force the company to pay.

As a recovering Republican myself, here's the basic rebuttal for anyone trying to make the case for repeal by repeating the (mostly) bogus junk about Obamacare being a disaster:

I got to keep my doctor; my premiums haven't gone up at all in 3 years; it covers all but about $10 per prescription on my meds - the point is that it's working for me, so what the fuck do I care? Go bitch about it to somebody else.

If you wanna make noise, you could beat up on the state legislatures that decided not to take the Medicaid Expansion in order to make the thing as shitty as possible for their constituents, knowing a lotta those constituents are actually dumb enough to keep voting for the assholes who're making the thing shitty while blaming all the problems on the voters themselves.

Trouble is, that shit continues to work on way too many people.

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