Monday, October 24, 2016

On That Email Thing

NYT (possible pay wall):
They have not brought a major scandal to the surface, at least not yet, and even won praise from some supporters like The Post’s editorial page, which said they showed Mrs. Clinton’s “sound policy instincts.” They’ve certainly not blown up the system, as might happen in a more closed, undemocratic form of government.
If repressive foreign governments want to make a regular thing of hacking into United States leaders’ email to undermine the country, and domestic politicians like Mr. Trump want to keep embracing that kind of “help,” then the news media may have to rethink how to handle it.
But so far, the hacks have only proved that the United States system knows how to process reality and can handle the truth, which should encourage our leaders to offer more of it.
So for that much, I guess, thanks, Vladimir Putin. Now, ready to share youremails?
There could be a lot more to "the emails" than I've seen - and fake lord knows I haven't seen a whole helluva lot, so I could be standing on the warning track way the fuck off in left field - but I've been wondering for a while why the emails are always and only about the Dems, and never the Repubs, and it seems most of the Press Poodles never make it clear that they include anything that could be considered exculpatory in any real way.

What we get is "Oooh, this could be dark and mysterious and horrible - it prob'ly isn't - but it could be, and that would mean the end of the world as we know it! But I'm afraid we'll have to leave it there and blah blah blah"

Gee - it's almost as if somebody wants us to think a certain way about something.

Politics brings out the liar in all of us, so all I can do is try to test each thing for "reasonable-ness" and follow what I can as far as I can.

But all this shit - it's a wonderment.

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