Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Today's Brain Blower

And for the nutty-buddies who just can't quite get past "Resist The Corrupt Duopoly!", try to remember this one weird thing - especially in light of the strong probability of electing a woman POTUS for the first time:

Saying you won't vote because you think nothing changes if we just go on supporting the same buncha politicians who got us into this mess, is not really different from somebody saying there's no use pushing for the 19th amendment because men are the only ones being elected because men are the only ones voting, and men will never pass an amendment that potentially dilutes their power by half.

Things change.  We can take part in that change and try to guide it towards an outcome that's more to our liking, or we can sit on our asses while somebody else does all the work, and watch as they make it happen the way they want it to happen.

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