Thursday, November 3, 2016

Scattershot Bullshit

Trump is that guy who has no real idea what he's doing, and no plan, and no way to get anything done because all he knows how to do is to throw all the shit possible and see if anything sticks.

Politico (Tiger Beat On The Potomac - thanks, Charlie):
The glitz and ambition of the luxury-brand businessman with his name in giant letters near its spire. It’s the tallest residential skyscraper in Canada, and probably the fanciest. The hotel’s sleek cream-and-black interiors were inspired by Champagne and caviar. Every room features Italian Bellino linens and Nespresso coffeemakers. Guests can book a Trump Experience outing through the Trump Attache concierge service. Their furry friends are eligible for the Trump Pets program, which “will fill your best Fido’s tummy with gourmet treats, and see them off to sleep on a plush dog bed.”
This Trump-branded and Trump-managed jewel is also, as a business venture, a bust.
Nobody with a lick of sense would put Donald Trump in charge of a high school car wash.

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