Monday, November 7, 2016

The Trump Scampaign®

Aside from a few - Jeb, Kasich, McCain, and some others - Repubs "running" for POTUS have had a distinct aroma. Take it, John:

It's been said before, by people smarter than me - and as such, bears repeating as long as the grass grows and the wind blows - Trump is not some kind of weird anomaly. Trump is doing what the GOP has spent 30 years telling their voters to look for, and prodding them to vote for.

And BTW - try not to think about the fact that Nu-Skin is very much the reason Jason Chaffetz is in office:
Accused in several states of operating an illegal pyramid scheme, the Provo-based multilevel marketing firm has decided to mount an offensive. Nu Skin takes issue with the way national and local media have portrayed the company."Enough is enough," said Jason Chaffetz, Nu Skin administrative assistant for public relations. "We're frustrated and disturbed that a number of inaccuracies continue to be perpetuated."

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