Feelin' Kinda Cynical

In a democracy, you're the customer and the boss. 

As a customer, you pay money in and you get services out.  

As the boss you hire managers to run the joint for you - what we still like to call elections.

In this Oligarchy/Corporatocracy, you're no longer considered the customer. If you're the customer, they'd listen to your input. Now  the only time you get to talk to them is when they give you a chance to agree with decisions they've already made - a lot like those company meetings we all love so much.

And whatever else you may be, you're sure as fuck not the boss anymore.

So if you're not the customer and you're not the boss, I think that makes you the product. 

They're farming you for your tax dollars.  They harvest your money and divvy it up with their buddies and their campaign donors.

Because Contributors get them elected, not voters.