Not That It'll Matter

via Right Wing Watch:
A new study by three political science professors found that state laws ostensibly targeting the fictional menace of voter fraud “have a disproportionate effect on minorities.”
Writing today in the Washington Post, professors Zoltan L. Hajnal, Nazita Lajevardi and Lindsay Nielson reveal a wide “turnout gap between whites and Latinos, Asian Americans and African Americans in states with and without strict voter ID laws.”
After noting that “strict voter ID laws suppress minority votes,” they add that these laws have also skewed the electorate to help Republicans win elections.
While proponents of strict voter ID laws—almost always Republicans—claim that there is a need to crack down on virtually nonexistent voter fraud, they effectively tilt elections to help Republicans by preventing people of color from voting, a fact admitted by many Republicans.
I saw this up close in November while I was staffing the Dems' table outside my voting station. A lady was turned away because the address on her Voter Registration card didn't match the address the on her ID. She'd been dropped off by a friend because she doesn't have a car, so I drove her to the County Offices, where it took maybe 10 minutes for her to get a picture printed out on regular PC printer paper - which magically passes as her Voter ID. We went back and she was allowed to vote.

That was not a huge ordeal. But it illustrates the main point of this shit - if you put any obstacle in front of people, a good percentage of them will just blow it off.  And the Repubs know that.  Just like they know exactly what Prof Hajnal et al confirmed with their study.

These people have no honor.