One For Ms Sarandon

You have the right to hold your opinions, and to speak, and to vote for whomever you want, and to urge others to do the same.

But (you knew there was a "but" comin', right?), you end up sounding a lot like Ayman Zawahri back in the 70s when you say things like having 45* in office is better than Hillary.

Because we need to be shocked violently in order to wake us up? So we can see the wonder and glory of whatever it is you think is better because that's what you think is better?

What you're doing is leveling a charge of false consciousness. We have this big horrible problem but all those dopes are just too ignorant to know it. We'll make some big horrible thing happen to snap 'em out of it - for their own sake.

Pithy adage 1: Revolutionaries always come in promising bread and freedom, but they always deliver years more of misery.

And look, I do it too. There's prob'ly 100s of posts on this blog that have something to do with "those rubes are so fucking stoopid".

I get it. But there's a bit of a difference in that I'm not the one hoping for the worst so I can prove my point and take advantage of the crash to make things the way I want them. And that's what I see you doing.

Pithy adage 1a: I'll take evolution, not revolution.

And also too, remember this one?
Predicting disaster
Expecting disaster
Wanting disaster
Facilitating disaster
Causing disaster

Where are you on that list?

Please stop doing shitty things to me and saying it's really for my own good - and that I'll thank you in the end. Just stop.

In closing - and I say this with all the love and charity in all the hearts of all the saints - Fuck off, lady.