Post-Truth Credibility

Back on February 18, CBS News’s Major Garrett reported that Donald Trump’s nominee to serve as secretary of the Navy was likely to withdraw from consideration. 
If the press secretary habitually tells obvious lies (like about Inauguration Day crowd sizes) or says plausible-sounding things that later turn out to be false (like indignantly denying Garrett’s story), then he ends up like the proverbial boy who cried wolf. When there’s a crisis — a natural disaster, a foreign war, a terrorist attack, a bank panic, an epidemic, anything — the Trump administration, like all previous administrations, is going to want to credibly convey accurate information to the public. But it’s not clear it will be able to.
45* and Company lie to us a lot - seems like all the time, actually.  Either they're lying by design, or because they're incompetent so they're doing it just because one guy has no fucking clue what the other guys are doing or saying, or all of the above, or all of the above plus any variety and combination of other reasons.

It's just a constant stream of bullshit.

And some of the things we know now have to make us suspicious of everything that will come out of every department from now on (eg: 45* asked for an Intelligence Report that would fit the criteria for Muslim Ban 2.0).

So what will be the difference between this month's Labor Stats and reality? There's not much standing in 45*'s way as far as reporting an enormously inflated Unemployment number, thinking that'll support his claims from last year during his campaign, and now justify the bullshit he's trying to float about having inherited a mess from Obama.

This shit has to end. And it doesn't just run its course and burn itself out and go away on its own. A little retrospect informs us that power at this level is not ceded lightly. 

It's said that nobility dies by its own hand. That can mean a few different things, but mostly it means people at the top of the pyramid give up their power when someone forces them to do it.

Honorable people will have to step up and make this end.