Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It's A Big Deal

Noah Feldman at Bloomberg:
The sitting president has accused his predecessor of an act that could have gotten the past president impeached. That’s not your ordinary exercise of free speech. If the accusation were true, and President Barack Obama ordered a warrantless wiretap of Donald Trump during the campaign, the scandal would be of Watergate-level proportions.
But if the allegation is not true and is unsupported by evidence, that too should be a scandal on a major scale. This is the kind of accusation that, taken as part of a broader course of conduct, could get the current president impeached. We shouldn’t care that the allegation was made early on a Saturday morning on Twitter.
I confess a degree of ignorance on this one. My initial reaction was that it's mostly just Trump being Trump, but Feldman makes a good point. Once you're inaugurated, the pivot to being the top guy - and behaving like the top guy - is necessary. You become not just the guy, but the office as well. And you have to step up to that higher standard.

45* is failing again.

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