There's no more haystack - only needles.

Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill

It's scary to find out that someone you don't even know exists can find out everything there is to know about you with a few clicks of his mouse.

That's a bit Sci-Fi for me right now, but the spooks are into some shit we'll prob'ly never hear about.  And that can make it more scary, but it's a good thing to remember that every new "age" has brought along it's own set of scary things, and we have to learn how adapt to them and/or otherwise deal with it so we can keep moving.

The last block with James Risen is a little less than fully convincing, but it does some good in educating me more about the balance between my right to know what my government's doing and the need for some secrets to stay secret - which will be a bone of contention for as long as we have politics.

You may have noticed I'm bouncing back and forth on most of it - that's what makes me like this kinda shit.


Sometimes awareness is your armor. Sometimes it's all you'll get. And sometimes it's enough.

Sweet dreams, kids. Hope you don't talk in your sleep.