Friday, March 31, 2017

Today's Resistance

The GOP fucks us over by knocking down FCC privacy regs, so here's one small thing we can do to fuck 'em back.

Every day, I go to Google to look something up - OK OK, every day, I go to Google about 40-leven times to look something up.

But every time, before I do anything else, I Google these:

Fuck Comcast
Fuck AT&T
Fuck the GOP
Fuck American oligarchy
Fuck Google Analytics
Fuck autoplay video ads

And I do it a dozen or more times each. Once you type it in and hit ENTER, all you have to do is click in the search box and hit ENTER again.

The Google Bomb works - ask Rick Santorum.

Takes maybe 90 seconds for the whole thing.

Show your discontentment. Fight back.

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