Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It Still Ain't Normal

From Brookings:

With the exception of building the wall, majorities of white voters without college degrees lean in the same direction as the overall electorate.

Healthcare is flashing another warning signal. As the debate over repealing the Affordable Care Act (AKA “Obamacare”) has unfolded, public sentiment has shifted from “repeal and replace” toward a strategy of “repair and retain.” In the meantime, the people are holding President Trump and congressional Republicans responsible for the condition of the healthcare system.

In the wake of the failed effort in the House of Representatives to repeal the law, President Trump threatened to leave the law alone and let it self-destruct. But the April Kaiser Family Foundation survey finds that 75 percent of the public wants the president and the Republicans to do what they can to make the law work, compared to only 19 percent who think they should let the law fail so they can replace it later. Moreover, 61 percent say that the president and the Republicans are now in charge and are responsible for problems with the ACA—not President Obama and the Democrats who enacted it.
Quinnipiac Poll:

64 percent of voters oppose building a wall on our southern border.
72 percent oppose lowering taxes on the wealthy.
62 percent oppose removing regulations intended to combat climate change

65 percent believe that climate change is “primarily” caused by human activity
59 percent want the United States to do more to address this problem
68 percent think that we can do so and protect jobs at the same time.

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