Daddy State Darkness


Senate Republicans can't answer simple and critical questions about the health care bill they're crafting in secret.

Some still can't say what it's trying to do — other than garner enough votes to pass the Senate — or how they believe it will improve the American health care system.

Read the "answers" from the various GOP Senators - classic weaselry.

I still have to hesitate a little even though I'm sorely tempted just to pronounce the thing bullshit, but it's like there are more (and major) flags on this thing every time we turn around.

First - they're operating in secret. Maybe because they can't afford to let us see what they're doing. But maybe because they're not really doing anything - they could be stalling because...

...second, by stalling and making noise about repeal and pimping the "skyrocketing premiums" expectation, they're creating the uncertainty they're expecting will drive the Obamacare Exchanges to stumble and crash, as they keep encouraging the insurers to bail, using the uncertainty bullshit as an excuse.

1) Fuck up Obamacare

2) Point at it and say, "Oh look - Obamacare's all fucked up"

3) Tell the insurance carriers to play along because you'll reward them for their loyalty by boosting their profits with Tax Dollars etc

4) Send copious amounts of emails and other fundraising literature to everybody with a financial interest in Healthcare Insurance reminding them of your largesse

5) Celebrate your re-election

Daddy State 101:
The Daddy State can only operate in the dark because when the light goes on, they all skitter back under the dishwasher.