Thursday, June 15, 2017

Karma's A Bitch

Led by GOP Whip Steve Scalise, the skullduggerers in the US House of Representatives have been busily disassembling the rules regarding the sale and ownership of guns.

I'm not celebrating the shooting of Mr Scalise, btw, so you can stuff that one right back in your ditty bag. That said, I'm not surprised this shit finally caught up with 'em; and I'm not surprised they've kept very quiet about it - possibly waiting for the Focus Group results to inform the Image Consultants on how best to respond, in order to keep the votes and the lobby money they use to buy those votes.

I am saying we need to drop the knee-jerk reactions and admit that this might've been averted if we took the Safety thing more seriously - or the Background Check thing - or the Magazine Capacity thing - or the simple fact that adding a random guy's gun to any mix is  always plenty of justification for the good guys' assholes to pucker up.

To be fair (which I don't do lightly cuz the Ammosexuals rarely play fair in turn), they didn't really make it easier for nutballs to buy guns, in spite of what the Leftie Memes often claim. 

But also to be fair: Like I said, the Radical Right continues to pimp the NRA bullshit about guns making us safer.

What makes me think they're wrong?
  • Why can't you carry a gun in a police station?
  • Why can't you carry a gun on an Army base?
  • Why can't you carry a gun into a courtroom?
  • Why can't you carry a gun on a commercial aircraft?
Because, for fuck's sake, it's not fucking safe, you fucking morons.


  1. NOT THAT I ADVOCATE ANYTHING . . . I'd like to add "Why can't you carry a gun into the House and Senate galleries overlooking these overpaid underperforming America F*ckers? Again NOT THAT I ADVOCATE ANYTHING . . . I always thought these miscreant right-tard CongressWhores were quite insulated from the carnage they've unleashed on the rest of us. Look at their entitled refusal to meet their furious constituents about the health care grab/tax giveaway. NOT THAT I ADVOCATE ANYTHING . . . Of course expecting this to be an event that would cause some needed perspective and sober, rage-free soul-searching on the very wrong path we've been manipulated on to; we'll get shut up! Shut up! Master baiting and switching and then assigned to our cattle cars. NOT THAT I ADVOCATE ANYTHING . . .

    1. Thanks for the rant - and I'm not kidding; I am definitely advocating that.


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