Friday, June 30, 2017

Michelle's Variation

45* told us who he is. 

And it really doesn't bother me so much that 62 million of us bought the bullshit about how he was just being a showman, and he'd pivot to common decency once he's in office.  What grates on my soul is thinking there's a core group of about 20 million who see him pretty much exactly for the bag of sludge that he is, and either they don't care or they actually want a president to act like that.

It could always get worse - don't put anything past this bunch - but it's possible we could be seeing the emergence of the endgame for this tribal crap of Blue Team vs Red Team - my team forever no matter what.

Politics on "the right" has degenerated to where there's no policy argument anymore. There's no real discussion about the relative merits of one approach to dealing with our problems versus another. Too many "conservatives" are thinking the whole point of the exercise is to make statements that are simply intended to get "a Libtard mad enough to cry.

Cruise a few comments sections with that in mind and score it out.

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