Monday, June 12, 2017

Pleading Ignorance

I just wanted to put that up so we start to get an idea where some of the lines are.

45*'s behavior is suspect.  At the very least, he needs to understand that just his tweets can constitute Witness Intimidation, bordering on Tampering - and that can be construed as attempts to Obstruct.

But it seems he doesn't understand any of that, even though his actions indicate that he does understand - he just has no intention of staying between the lines.

Even though his actions make it all appear chaotic, he thinks in terms of absolutes and everything he does is aimed at keeping everybody off balance so he can make the decision to move one way or the other - depending on whatever he thinks benefits him the most or hurts everybody else so it accrues to his benefit anyway.

It bears repeating:
"I may or may not do what your lawyers force my lawyers to try to talk me into doing."

And now:
"I am Trump. Trump can do no wrong."

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