Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Unraveling

Wanna know what's really weird?  In working so hard to consolidate power and to achieve that ever-elusive Unitary Executive, 45* is actually in the process of stripping The Executive Branch of all the power gains it's made in the last 35 years.

A top Justice Department official under President George W. Bush, Jack Goldsmith, unleashed a 17-entry Tweetstorm arguing that Trump’s ongoing attacks on his own lawyers and his apparent effort to disclaim responsibility for reissuing his “watered down” order are further eroding judicial deference for the executive branch.

“Given POTUS’s instability, it is not just courts that have reason to relax the presumption of regularity for this Prez,” wrote Goldsmith, now a professor at Harvard Law School. “We all have reason to do so about everything the Executive branch does that touches, however lightly, the President....One thing DT behavior entails...is many losses in court and not just on the immigration EOs....Everything else Executive would normally win—reversing Clean Power Plan, terminating treaty, new regs, etc.—will be much, much harder.”

Leaves me to wonder - when the GOP begins the inevitable Trump Rehab Project (and you bloody well know they will), just how trippy-flippy will it get trying to rationalize giving Trump credit for "Rebalancing The System Of Checks And Balances In Order To Save The Republic"?

Yeah, well - ya heard it here first.

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