Thursday, June 1, 2017

Today's Charlie

Charlie Pierce at Esquire:

It's going to be about the money. It always was going to be about the money. There is something distinctly rotten at the heart of the president*'s family business, about which the president* and the rest of the Borgias don't want the world to know. The money is all that matters to these people. The money always has been all that matters to these people. The money is central to whatever arrangements the extended clan made with the Russian banks, which is to say with the Russian governments. The money is central to the absurd defense of Michael Flynn and the preposterous alleged double-naught escapades of the Dauphin with the Russian ambassador. The money may be the only thing of which the president* himself is consistently cognitively aware.

Not a big stretch - we're not going too far out on any limbs here - but it's OK to get reminded about who these Trump thieves are and why they do what they do.

And then we can remind ourselves to take a good long look at the Congress Critters who're trying to milk the situation for every last drop of power, so they can move the Daddy State agenda merrily along before they're forced to stand up and be shocked - shocked - to discover there are shenanigans afoot.

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