Monday, June 5, 2017


There can be nothing more representative than this picture of the totality of fucked-up-edness this "president" is causing - on purpose, btw.

Yes, he's an incompetent mushbrain when it comes to governance. And he has no clue about history or language or science or anything else that makes for a decent human being, let alone a good POTUS. 

But he knows exactly what to do to advance an agenda that benefits nobody but himself - and his little band of thieves (for as long as they prove useful to him).

So the point of the exercise is to cause as much confusion and uncertainty as possible in order to exploit whatever opportunity presents itself because of it, or to cover whatever heist is in progress at any given time, and to have some plausible-sounding way to leave everybody else holding the bag when it all blows up.

The "saving grace" here may lie in the way 45* feels compelled to operate. To wit: his fucked up worldview makes it impossible for him to think he can win unless he can make everybody else lose - and eventually, it'll come down to everybody having to decide between themselves and him. Which is when the supremely venal Repubs in congress will suddenly remember swearing an oath not to do exactly everything they've been doing.

Because that's how this kinda shit always ends.

Let's keep hoping this one ends before the shooting starts.

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