Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Deficit Of Honor

Jennifer Rubin at WaPo:

Out of its collective sense of victimhood came the GOP’s disdain for not just intellectuals but also intellectualism, science, Economics 101, history and constitutional fidelity. If the Trump children became slaves to money and to their father’s unbridled ego, then the GOP became slaves to its own demons and false narratives. A party that has to deny climate change and insist illegal immigrants are creating a crime wave — because that is what “conservatives” must believe, since liberals do not — is a party that will deny Trump’s complicity in gross misconduct. It’s a party as unfit to govern as Trump is unfit to occupy the White House. It’s not by accident that Trump chose to inhabit the party that has defined itself in opposition to reality and to any “external moral truth or ethical code.”

Seriously, kids - we can't make this little experiment in self-government work without a Republican Party that's reasonable, and capable of engaging in thoughtful fact-based conversation.

Paraphrasing Blue Gal's Facebook pal: Hyper-Criticism of the Democratic Party is like slagging a single parent who's struggling to raise 4 kids - it's a ginormous mess because the other parent is a fucking deadbeat.

This is politics, dummy. You're not gonna get everything you want every time.

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