Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A New(ish) Wrinkle

Ol' Doc Maddow lined this out quite a while ago, talking about conflicts of interest and such.

And then, boom - there it is.

Abha Bhataria at WaPo:

Guests at 14 Trump properties, including hotels in Washington, New York and Vancouver, have had their credit card information exposed, marking the third time in as many years that a months-long security breach has affected customers of the chain of luxury hotels.

The latest instance occurred between August 2016 and March 2017, according to a notice on the company’s website, and included guest names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as credit card numbers and expiration dates. The breach took place on the systems of Sabre Hospitality Solutions, a reservation booking service used by Trump Hotels, but did not compromise the Trump Hotels’ systems.

  1. The (Russian?) mob loves credit card shit - it's easy pickin's
  2. Why 45*'s hotels specifically?
  3. Is this an attack on the hotels, or is this an attack on US interests?
  4. How do we tell the difference?
  5. If there's a response, what will that response be?
  6. If there's no response - or a nominal/weak shit response - what can we reasonably surmise from that in itself?

BTW - remember that F-35 bullshit I posted about earlier? It seems we're not addressing a pretty important question - 

When we know the Russians are attacking us in Cyberspace, why the fuck are we beefing up on hardware to fight a battle in Meatspace?

- and it seems we're avoiding that question with increased vigor since January 20th this year.

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