Tuesday, July 4, 2017

An Atmosphere Of Animal Instinct

They seem to be inching closer to being able to blow through the chaff and zero in on reality, but still - this is a fairly decent example of Press Poodles poodling away.

C'mon, you guys.

You are NEVER going to understand any of this Trump shit until you ditch your Presumption Of Regularity.

Stop trying to shoehorn this bullshit into the normal set of rules you've been taught.

Take everything you think you know about covering "The US Presidency" and flush it down the crapper - do this every morning right after your post-pilates latté.

Trump has always said he cultivates an atmosphere of animal instinct - he wants to surround himself with killers (he's said as much when talking about raising his kids) - he expects everybody to operate on his level.

Lose your expectations of decorum and tradition and even common courtesy - these people have no soul and no honor. They will eat dead burnt babies to get what they want.

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