Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Don and Jared

Don Jr can go to prison for violations of a whole raft of shit - espionage, treason, campaign restrictions, etc.

Jared might go for about the same reasons, but his function now is to take the hit in order to provide plausible deniability for 45*, which serves to shield the rest of cult45*.

But at the very least, those two jokers.

One thing - the Circle Of Fuckery widens almost daily.  So remember that the first point in this kinda shit is to make sure everybody's guilty so nobody can be held accountable.

And also too, there is no honor in anyone involved in this, so let's not count on Bob Mueller's Witness Whisperers to produce a good ol'-fashioned John Dean. We'd best be expectin' we'll hafta do this the hard way.

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