Monday, July 24, 2017

It's The Humanity, Stupid

The Roanoke Times:

As the health care debate rages in the nation’s capital, patients and providers at the RAM Clinic are anxious for change. Most of them have a resounding demand for politicians in Washington, D.C.: Fix the nation’s health care system.

Located near the Virginia- Kentucky border, the clinic at the Wise County Fairgrounds attracts residents from a wide area. The clinic, the largest of the year, has 1,400 volunteers who serve thousands of people in one weekend.

At 5 a.m. Friday — the first day of the clinic — RAM founder and British philanthropist Stan Brock stood at the entrance of the clinic as volunteers prepared to let people through the gate.

Hundreds arrived at the fairgrounds in the dead of the night to secure a decent spot in line. They slept in their cars or pitched tents as they waited for the clinic gates to open. Before the sun crested the surrounding mountains, volunteers had given out all of the numbers for the day and began turning people away.

So, while people are suffering and often dying for the lack of insurance that would allow them to seek treatment when they need it, Coin-Operated Politicians are busy playing their high-school-fuck-around games.

This is where I usually go into my screed about how the "clear-eyed pragmatic free-market capitalists" are being stoopid because of their unwillingness to realize the huge savings of Prevention vs Remedy, etc etc etc.

But that was me being kinda stoopid myself.  When you turn a profit on people being sick, you want them to be as sick as possible. Even if "the wanting" is sublimated, or you're somehow unaware that you want it, there's no real difference. You want people to be sick because that's how you pay your mortgage.

Enjoying the benefits derived from the endeavor demonstrates your support for the endeavor itself - consciously or otherwise. Silence implies consent.

So anyway - Daddy State Economics: Socialized Risk and Privatized Reward.

My mistake was in assuming these assholes have some vestigial sense of humanity because they're people of honor. They don't, because they aren't.

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