Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Ol' Doc Maddow's podcast (audio only) at Stitcher:

She's careful to remind us that even with all that smoke, there's no real fire yet.  Which plays to 45*'s default M.O. He operates at the margins; always looking for the grey areas; the loopiest of loopholes - "If it doesn't specifically say I can't do it, then that's what I'm gonna do".

And that works against us as a 4th-n-5th-Amendment-Kinda-Joint - which is what works to the advantage of the 45*s and the Putins of the world. And the rubes will never bail on those guys, because they just wanna think, for once in their whole miserable existence, they're in on the real deal - the inside; the right sight; the winning side.

In 1972, the movie smash of the year was The Godfather - a story of the good guy criminals versus the bad guy everybody else.

And Ford sold 350,000 Pintos.

Nobody ever failed by underestimating the taste or intelligence of the American rube.

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