Wednesday, July 26, 2017

These Kids Today

A little Facebook nonsense:

The tendency is to do a little bragging about the shit you pulled as a kid, because (I guess) it satisfies a fantasy that you were (and still are, maybe?) some kinda badass or whatever.

The main point of interest for me is that most of the people doing most of the bragging are the ones who spend lots of time on Facebook complaining about how fucked up everything is - blaming bad parenting and single moms, etc, for a general permissiveness they believe is at the root of all the rotten things all these rotten kids are doing.

And yes, I'm pointing out something that's ridiculously obvious - I ain't no genius, y'know.

So why is this not just as obvious to everybody else, particularly to the people playing these silly games on Facebook?

It is a wonderment.

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