Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Closer Look

tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors:

Pundits have told us since that fateful day when Comrade Preznint Stupid won the election, a large number of white, working class Dims had changed lanes. The Villagers told us that these voters so hated Crooked Killery (“but her E-MAIL!!1!) that they voted for Hair F├╝hrer. The very serious media people told us that these voters were deserters and that they must be appeased for the Dims to ever win anything again.

Looks like that might be BS.

Shocking, I know.

BTW - tengrain is so good, he inspires his blog followers to come up with the bestly brilliantest nicknames.

Everybody - say hello to Pee Wee Goebbels:

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