Monday, August 7, 2017


Channeling a former (and so Etch-A-Sketched) commentator.

Used to be, anything that backfired this badly would be news in itself. But not now. 

It doesn't matter to DumFux News, because they're busy laying the groundwork for the time they'll need to wipe 45* out of everybody's memory.

And the rubes are already figuring out how they can pretend Ms Pirro had to have said that on CNN or MSNBC because now that she's gone, she must've been fired for being a Lame Stream Media spy who was paid by George Soros to degrade the noble purity of the freedom-lovers andt blah blah blah.

(I know that didn't fucking make any sense - none of it makes any fucking sense)

I get really sick of hear myself say that - when will the rubes get sick of hearing what makes me say it?

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