Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The Last Word - Lawrence O'Donnell

It seems a bit overblown. It's easy to assume a pathology with a guy like 45*.  And fake lord knows he gives us plenty of reason to believe he's fuckin' nuts.

But I think 45*'s "incoherence" - eg: saying he has no comment in the middle of making a comment, and then not giving a real answer on whether he'll try to fire Mueller or not - is just 45*'s instinct always to keep everybody guessing; never giving anyone a good solid place to stand in opposition.

The real point though - 2 points actually:
1) Words do indeed mean nothing to 45*. But that's a little too simple. Actually, he thinks he can make words mean whatever he needs them to mean in any given situation.

If the facts don't support your conclusion, change the facts.

So he says whatever he thinks will get him past this particular moment, and/or whatever puts people off-balance so he can look for something that might get him some advantage a little later on. And he knows the rubes are Etch-A-Sketchable pretty much on the fly, so it doesn't matter if everything he says today contradicts everything he said yesterday.

Classic Shitty Salesman behavior, on triple-shot Red Bull with a side of steroids. And nuclear-fucking-weapons - let's not forget that little wrinkle.

2) Press Poodles are short-handing this daily bizarro shit. It's not so much they're accepting it all as "just the way the guy is" - I think they've caught on that this is dangerous and scary; and they're starting to remember what the old-timers tried to tell them about this weird archaic practice called Journalism.

What gives me heartburn is that an awful lot of people are not able to be tuned in very closely.

But there's a "but" - and it's a big one. The audience numbers continue to shift away from DumFux News, and towards MSNBC and CNN and some of the traditional print outlets.

So I go out with this hopeful little thought, from Mr Churchill:
“You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.”

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