Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wanting And Getting Ain't The Same

We get a solid confluence of Religion and Rightwing Politics because there's a buttload of people out there who just flat-out gotta have answers that are simple and authoritative and permanent.

Their religious traditions condition them to receive Revealed Truth, and so they look for that process to play out with everything else.  They need that Father Figure to tell them what's what.

One of the best examples I can think of right now is the whole mess about Climate Change. How many times have you heard some Chucklehead say if Global Warming was a cause  for tropical storms like Rita and Katrina to be worse than they shoulda been way down there in Nawlins in the summertime, how can it then also be causing problems like Polar Vortex and killer snowstorms in Buffalo in the wintertime?  They're looking for that definitive immutable answer that explains everything for them; and once attained, never requires them to learn anything new.

Just like that crap about Mike Brown - it has to be a definitive pronouncement (which is usually pretty arbitrary), and not generally a logical conclusion following thought and deliberative consideration.

The Daddy State rules - but only until you start to understand that for every question which is gnarly and complicated and weird, there's an answer which is simple and elegant and fucking wrong.

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