Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It Just Gets Weirderer

...and weirderer and weirderer.

I gotta wonder why the producers at DumFux News decided to put Duke on their air when it seems like they just wanted O'Reilly to pimp the usual False Equivalence crapola.  It did in fact come up, but it was kinda lost in the the clutter of Duke's flailing rants about Jewish Media and Jewish Bankers and Wars for Israel etc.  And pimping his book? WTF was that about?

Also too, I'm thinking O'Reilly wanted to have Duke on to show everybody what they ought not to be doing and/or saying, in order to re-assert the GOP Establishment thing(?), but that doesn't make a lot of sense either because Duke ends up saying very much the same thing DumFux News has been saying, and as convinced as I am about how The Rubes will swallow anything Rupert feeds 'em, it's still gotta be possible to push their credulity a little too far - doesn't it(?)

Anyway, that bit was as close to being a complete disaster as you can get, and it reaffirms for me what driftglass has been saying for a good long time, which is that the GOP is getting  what the GOP has been wishing for.

I guess I'm thinking somebody's trying to figure out the next few moves as The Southern Strategy continues to evolve.  Repubs have to come up with ways to go on rousing the rabble without scaring too many more "regular folk".  It's almost like they're finally realizing their message has actually morphed into something like, "Yeah, the GOP really is being run by a buncha racist assholes, but when ya stop to think about it, you're a racist asshole too because you've agreed with enough of what we've been saying all along to keep voting for us - so fuck it - let's just admit we're all racist assholes and we can all be racist assholes together."

One last thing - Duke has "threatened" to make public his "associations" with other prominent Politicos if they don't lay off his buddy Scalise.  Now, if it's a bad thing to reveal those associations, doesn't that mean David Duke is a bad guy? And doesn't that also mean David Duke is admitting he's a bad guy?  Or is David Duke suddenly the good guy because he's threatening to reveal the true ugliness of it all?

All these little flips and turns make my head hurt.

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