Sunday, January 11, 2015

Today's Quote

"If your concerns about violence are limited to property damage and looting, and you have never shed two tears for the history of institutional violence, murder, colonialism, segregation, lynching, genocide and police brutality against peoples of color, your words mean nothing; they mean less than nothing. Your outrage, in such a case is grotesque, an inversion of morality so putrescent as to call into question your capacity for real feeling at all. So long as violence from below is condemned while violence from above is ignored, you can bet that the former will continue–and however unfortunate that may be, it is surely predictable. If you’d like the former to cease, put an end to the latter, and then I promise you, it will."  --Tim Wise
DoJ Stats from 2010:

Federal Grand Jury Presentations = 162,000
Federal Grand Jury Indictments = 161,989
(that's better'n 99%)

Cases of cops shooting people presented to a grand jury = 81
Number of cops indicted by a grand jury = 1
(that's a shade over 1%)

Somethin' ain't jake here.

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