Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Say What Now?

Megyn Kelly:
“There are very few companies in America, whether they’re public or private, in which if you sic 40 FBI agents on the company and review every email and every document and every communication between employees, you won’t find any racist emails."

So practically every company in America 1) employs a buncha racist assholes, and 2) has no particular policy against sending racist asshole emails &/or chooses to do nothing about the racist assholes who work for them.

And that proves the cops and the courts in Ferguson MO can't possibly be racist?  Can you say "Tu Quoque"?  How 'bout "Bandwagon"?

One other little thingie, Ms Kelly - the DoJ report did not "completely clear Darren Willson".  The conclusion was that they didn't find enough to go after a Federal Indictment against him. There's quite a difference there - and you know it.

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