Friday, November 27, 2015


This popped up quite a few places.  Just need to get it in before I lose it.

I think it has to start taking it's toll after a while.  Any attention is better than being ignored as far as Trump cares - he knows it's hard to find 'bad' publicity.  But there's a point where you become Terminally Uncool.  Like when Dick Nixon's handlers knew he needed something to help him "connect with the youngsters" in the late 60s, and so they invited Up With People to perform at The White House, and then at some rallies.  Fuckin' disaster was all that was.

Here's a little taste (sorry).  Although it does feature a very young Glenn Close - but don't listen to the whole thing.  Seriously - it could give you diabetes. Don't do it:

Anyway, when people are laughing, and they're laughing not because you elicit some pathos, but because you're pathetic and they pity you - time to turn around and head back to the barn.

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